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Sep 10, 2007 09:53 PM

What did you make for dinner tonight?

Tonight for my son I made a chicken stir fry with brocolli, snow peas, baby corn, galic and "Soy Vey's" "Hoisin Garlic Sauce." I also added some thai rice noodles. Two thumbs up from my 10 year old!

I often use Soy Vey's products - - great flavors and a name you gotta love!

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  1. Leftover home-smoked brisket, turkey, and ribs from Labor Day's smoke-fest at our house. Cheesy mashed potatoes. Yum. :)

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      Panko crusted sauteed fresh off the dock haddock w lemon, evoo and capers, orzo salad, fresh garden tomates w balsamic. OMG, so good

      1. Spinach and Ricotta ravoili with a fesh tomato and fennel sauce, topped with shaved parm and fresh cracked pepper. (The spinach mixtures was left over from the stuffed pork chops from Saturday night-gotta confess)

        1. Curried Beet Soup and Sauteed Duck Breasts with a warm pepper jelly, on a bed of arugula tossed with duck fat and vinegar, served with some sauteed pale pale green sweet peppers from the farmer's market. And some left over chickpea salad - canned chickpeas, heirloom pear shaped tomatoes, sauteed baby leeks, olive oil, fleur de sel and grated parmesan.

          1. Last night was white-trash night: one hot dog, one salad.

            Tonight we're having hamburgers on the grill. Maybe some baked beans.

            Disappointingly enough, I haven't had much of a chance to really cook lately. It makes me pretty sad.

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              that's ok, your dinner still beats mine: half a bottle of white wine. someone needs to invite me over! I haven't had time to go to the grocery store yet this week. (and no, I won't do Fresh Direct. I like going to the store and picking out my food).

              1. re: Sophia.

                That's not a bad dinner at all! ;-)

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                  I actually made your Pork Tenderloin with Honey, Mustard, and Rosemary Sauce, last night. I found it posted on another thread, wrote it down, and had a chance to try it last night. It was husband said one of the best yet! I served it with baked brown rice, and a salad of fresh green beans and grape tomatoes with a lemon vinaigrette. Thanks, by the way!

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                    That sounds fab - have to find the link. How do you do baked brown rice (pardon my ignorance!)?

                    1. re: AMFM

                      The link is in Home Cooking and is entitled "pork tenderloin recipe?". The baked brown rice is an Alton Brown "Good Eats" recipe. Basically, you put 1 1/2 cups brown rice in a casserole dish or 8x8 pan. Bring 2 1/2 cups water or broth to a boil with a TBL butter and 1 tsp kosher salt. Pour over the rice. Cover tightly and bake at 375 for 1 hour. I used chicken broth instead of water. It was really good, and perfectly cooked. Hope you enjoy!

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                        Oh, glad you liked the pork tenderloin recipe! It's one of my favorites and a definite staple in this house!

                        I've wanted to try that brown rice recipe ever since I saw AB make it. Good to know that it's good!

                      2. re: AMFM

                        AMFM, here's the link to the thread

                        My post with the recipe is about...oh 10 posts down or so...

              2. Quesadillas with shrimp and cheddar served with an avacado/scallion/roased red pepper quacamole & a yellow tomato salsa & shredded lettuce. Kind of elaborate for me on a week day, but I had just seen a food show that inspired it.

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                  1. re: italy531

                    Here's the link to the inpiration:

                    I heavily modified the recipes (shrimp & cheddar in place of lobster & brie, for example), but Bobby Flay's recipes always seem to be flexible. The yellow tomato relish was especially good -- I used cilantro instead of tarragon, but I'd definitely stick with the yellow tomatoes because they really made the dish. And I added roasted red peppers to the avacado dish -- seemed to need a little sweetness. I'd love to try that ancho chile salsa when I run into some ancho chiles.