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Lunch in the Old Saybrook-Westbrook area

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We are driving down from Maine and my old college roomie is driving up from Milford, CT. We want to meet in the Old Saybrook area and then take a drive up Rt. 9 to Gillette's Castle, Essex, Chester and all the other pretty towns on the river.

We're trying decide where to meet, have lunch, and leave 1 car. We don't want to sit for hours or spend a ton of money, but would love some good CT chow. Steamers, clam chowder, that sort of stuff. I'm looking a The Back Porch, Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale in Westbrook, Vinny's Fish House, Bill's Seafood and Liv's Oyster Bar.

So waddya think? It will be a Friday afternoon, if that matters.


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  1. The places you have mentioned all are normaly good. I am sending you a web site with a list of places in the imediate area. that should at least give you some other options. (http://www.ctmenusonline.com/middlese...) hope you will find some of these interesting. Good luck. Earle

    1. I would also suggest Boom in Westbrook or Aqua in Clinton. Both waterside locations-- bonus.

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        Thanks madison, I will check out Boom and Aqua. Is Clinton convenient to the Old Post Road and Rte 9? Westbrook seems to have an abundance of good eats.

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          Old Saybrook is most convenient to Rt. 9, Westbrook next, Clinton farthest, but all are on Boston Post Rd. (Rt. 1). All the restaurants mentioned above are good, but I would also add Jack's American Bistro in O.S. (down the street from Liv's). There is also a Boom clone in Old Lyme, just across the river from O.S. Lenny & Joes and Bills are considerably more casual than the others, and you are correct about Westbrook!

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            Thanks Don. I'd like to go to Lenny and Joe's just for a tshirt! We certainly don't want anything fancy, just good food. The best clams would be what I'd want most. We also don't want to spend a huge amount of time since we need to hit the road to tour the area. Any personal experience with Vinny's?

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              Try Johnny Ad's in Old Saybrook for casual eating, the food is better than
              L & J's and Bills IMHO. Great Clams and Chili Dogs.
              Its on the Boston Post road/Rt.1.