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Sep 10, 2007 09:49 PM

Lunch in the Old Saybrook-Westbrook area

We are driving down from Maine and my old college roomie is driving up from Milford, CT. We want to meet in the Old Saybrook area and then take a drive up Rt. 9 to Gillette's Castle, Essex, Chester and all the other pretty towns on the river.

We're trying decide where to meet, have lunch, and leave 1 car. We don't want to sit for hours or spend a ton of money, but would love some good CT chow. Steamers, clam chowder, that sort of stuff. I'm looking a The Back Porch, Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale in Westbrook, Vinny's Fish House, Bill's Seafood and Liv's Oyster Bar.

So waddya think? It will be a Friday afternoon, if that matters.


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  1. The places you have mentioned all are normaly good. I am sending you a web site with a list of places in the imediate area. that should at least give you some other options. ( hope you will find some of these interesting. Good luck. Earle

    1. I would also suggest Boom in Westbrook or Aqua in Clinton. Both waterside locations-- bonus.

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      1. re: madisoneats

        Thanks madison, I will check out Boom and Aqua. Is Clinton convenient to the Old Post Road and Rte 9? Westbrook seems to have an abundance of good eats.

        1. re: abqdeb

          Old Saybrook is most convenient to Rt. 9, Westbrook next, Clinton farthest, but all are on Boston Post Rd. (Rt. 1). All the restaurants mentioned above are good, but I would also add Jack's American Bistro in O.S. (down the street from Liv's). There is also a Boom clone in Old Lyme, just across the river from O.S. Lenny & Joes and Bills are considerably more casual than the others, and you are correct about Westbrook!

          1. re: DonShirer

            Thanks Don. I'd like to go to Lenny and Joe's just for a tshirt! We certainly don't want anything fancy, just good food. The best clams would be what I'd want most. We also don't want to spend a huge amount of time since we need to hit the road to tour the area. Any personal experience with Vinny's?

            1. re: abqdeb

              Try Johnny Ad's in Old Saybrook for casual eating, the food is better than
              L & J's and Bills IMHO. Great Clams and Chili Dogs.
              Its on the Boston Post road/Rt.1.