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saturday brunch for group of 8 around pasadena?

anyone have any good rec's for a saturday brunch for a group of 8 in the pasadena area? marston's comes to mind, but it might not be able to handle such a big group?

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  1. I recommend Larkin's in Eagle Rock (it's not too far!)
    For the adventurous Tonny's on Orange Grove, and La Caravana Salvadorana
    (which opens at 10) on Lake

    1. Twin Palms is known for their brunch.It is on the corner of Green and deLacey in the heart of old town pasadena.T here is The raymond it is in south pasadena.

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        Seconding Twin Palms, with a link.

        Twin Palms
        101 W Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91105

      2. Not too many places offer brunch on a Saturday.

        If you will settle for LUNCH on a Saturday, maybe consider Mike and Anne's in South Pasadena. www.mikeandannes.com

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          I just went to brunch there last Saturday with a group of 10. (lunch/b'fast menu served til 2:30 on Saturdays). Had a very delicious garden scramble... Portion sizes are adequate, but one in the party didn't think his 3 smallish slices of french toast were worth the $8.

          If Julianne's will make a reservation for you - that would be my pick. It's not brunch - but b'fast or lunch and the cut off time is specific.

        2. What about Saldang Song? It's not your traditional american brunch being a Thai place, but it might be fun for your group. They have plenty of outdoor and indoor seating for a big groups.

          1. Julienne in San Marino.

            1. dish in la canada
              marstons and julienne are good
              Leroys in Monrovia ( more comfort than 'nice')

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                oh! forgot about Dish - excellent rec for b'fast - and a nice, big - well-spaced main room.

              2. LARKINS does an amazing BRUNCH but only on SUNDAYS...they are great with big groups since you can only get reservations with a group of 6 or more.
                Yummy stuff on the Sunday Menu!

                1. You'd have to make a reservation, inasmuch as your group would fill up about 1/2 of the place, but Cafe Verde is IMHO the best overall breakfast/brunch place in the City of Pasadena (I like Julienne, but that's San Marino).

                  Green St. Restaurant is also a good option for a Saturday "brunch."

                  Cafe Verde
                  961 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91106

                  1. How about Red White & Bluezz in Old Pasadena? This past weekend was the first weekend that they offered Saturday and Sunday brunches with Jazz music. The prices are about $12-$17 for gourmet omelets and pancakes to around $28 for lobster and filet dishes. The brunch hours are 9am-2pm.

                    I'm not sure about parking for brunch, but they do have valet parking at dinnertime at the Stats parking lot across the street. It makes parking in Old Pasadena very easy.

                    My husband and I went to Red White & Bluezz for dinner and just loved it. The food, atmosphere and jazz were exceptional. I'm very excited about the weekend brunch. You can see my dinner review here:

                    The Sierra Madre Weekly has more delicious details on the weekend brunch here:

                    Red White & Bluezz
                    70 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

                    1. I like This and That Here and There Cafe in Pasadena. They are on Colorado across from Target. They serve breakfast all day. I think on Saturdays they close around 3pm. I go there for brunch after my target shopping on Saturdays around 11 am and they are quite dead at that time so I like it. Weekdays are the busy days for them. It's a small place but big enough for 8 peeps. They have lots of stuff to choose from and serve all their food all day, which is a big plus in my book when I'm craving a chicken omelette around 7pm after work or a buger around 9 am before work. All their food w/drinks is under $10. The only thing I don't like is that they only have regular house coffee, which is still tasty, but I'm more of mocha gal