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Sep 10, 2007 09:39 PM

Where to find chocolate cups in Toronto?

I need to make dessert for 15 people and was thinking of berries in dark chocolate cups. Where can I buy chocolate cups for filling? Thanks!

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  1. Dominion .. maybe near the frozen/dessert aisle. dark chocolate.. white chocolate and i think marble.

    1. I've seen them at Sun Valley on Danforth.

      1. any chocolate shop should do this for you if you call ahead. some may even have these on hand. i like using meringue cups filled with berries and whipped cream. the PC ones are ok but you definetly need to let the berry mix sit in the cups for a couple of hours to soften the meringue. making either of these options at home is very easy though..........

        1. all awesome suggestions - thank you!

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            I just saw some mini cups (box) at Sobey's at Dupont & Shaw this afternoon.

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              You can find Chocolux Cups at any grocery chain, try near the bakery, Fosen or Baking sections, they are belgian Chocolate and have a variety of formats.