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Where to find chocolate cups in Toronto?

MeMeMe Sep 10, 2007 09:39 PM

I need to make dessert for 15 people and was thinking of berries in dark chocolate cups. Where can I buy chocolate cups for filling? Thanks!

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  1. t
    togone RE: MeMeMe Sep 10, 2007 09:51 PM

    Dominion .. maybe near the frozen/dessert aisle. dark chocolate.. white chocolate and i think marble.

    1. thenurse RE: MeMeMe Sep 11, 2007 06:40 AM

      I've seen them at Sun Valley on Danforth.

      1. j
        jessi20 RE: MeMeMe Sep 11, 2007 07:10 AM

        any chocolate shop should do this for you if you call ahead. some may even have these on hand. i like using meringue cups filled with berries and whipped cream. the PC ones are ok but you definetly need to let the berry mix sit in the cups for a couple of hours to soften the meringue. making either of these options at home is very easy though..........

        1. m
          MeMeMe RE: MeMeMe Sep 11, 2007 06:41 PM

          all awesome suggestions - thank you!

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          1. re: MeMeMe
            pearlD RE: MeMeMe Sep 12, 2007 04:38 PM

            I just saw some mini cups (box) at Sobey's at Dupont & Shaw this afternoon.

            1. re: pearlD
              kaymanti RE: pearlD Sep 13, 2007 04:44 PM

              You can find Chocolux Cups at any grocery chain, try near the bakery, Fosen or Baking sections, they are belgian Chocolate and have a variety of formats.

          2. f
            Foodie Boy RE: MeMeMe Sep 28, 2007 01:28 PM

            Retail or wholesale?

            1. pescatarian RE: MeMeMe Sep 28, 2007 01:30 PM

              I've seen them in Loblaws.

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              1. re: pescatarian
                millygirl RE: pescatarian Sep 28, 2007 01:46 PM

                Just saw some today at Sunvalley on Danforth....just as you walk in the door...on top of the fruit stand.

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