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Cake Recommendation?

Hi, I want to buy a cake that tastes good and also looks good (along with a nice packaging), it'd be great if you'd provide the price range, but if not that's alright. :)

So far, I've looked at Sen5es, Bakery Nakamura, Rahier Pâtisserie, and La Bamboche

Can you give me some recommendation of where I should go? :) Thanks

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  1. Dufffffffffflet....don't know much about them but boy do they look nice.

    787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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      I second Dufflet. Their baked goods are great quality and they taste amazing (and look good of course!) They also have location north of Yonge/Eglinton, and a new location in the Beaches.

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        Definitely third Dufflet. They use all natural ingredients and their cakes are utterly delicious and addictive.

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          is the design of the cake nice? do you have any pics ^^;

          1. re: oneglance

            Dufflet's cakes are lovely-looking and usually pretty tasty. You can see them on their website http://www.dufflet.com/flash.asp

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            Another Dufflet's Vote. The CRTC (Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake) is the best.

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              The CRTC is the Best!

              the Strawberry Lemon Mousees Cake is good if you like that kind of cake.
              I've also tried the chocolate fudge cake and lemon dessert (it's a pie i can't remember) that they sell in fridges around town and I didn't like the chocolate one but the lemon one was good.

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                Settled, thanks folks. I will order the CRTC from Dufflet's. It looks really good and I think it will be perfect.

            2. What about DT Bistro? Harbord and Brunswick.

              1. Hey oneglance, I need to do the same to take to a dinner next Saturday night. I'm also looking for something Wow, in chocolate. I'd be interested to hear where you end up.

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                  i'm actually not going to be buying the cake till the week after next sat. if you do end up buying one before me, i'd be interested in hearing where you end up as well :)

                2. Rahier blows Dufflet's away IMO, I'd go there for sure, will be more expensive but worth it...though it's not like I'd turn down a slice of a Dufflet cake or anything, they're doing a solid good standard kinda thing.

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                    The caramel crunch La Rocca Cake from loblaws superstore....so delicious

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                      From Rahier, this might fit the bill...I think it is called croque en bouche (or something like that), and it is made to order according how many people you need it for, smallish cream puffs stacked in a dramatic tall pyramid coated with a hard crack caramelized sugar...crispy, sweet and addictive, I've hovered over them a few times...

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                        ohhh, I second the above, a croque en bouche. Had one at a wededing a month ago and could not stop eating it.......soooooo good.

                    2. The Dessert Lady in Yorkville (just behind Cumberland Terrace) is great - for the poster who wanted a Wow chocolate cake, that's the place! She also makes great cookies (in small bags that are great for host/hostess gifts), and amazing ice cream.

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                        I have had some fantastic desserts from a couple of places uptown. Patisserie La Cicogne makes amazing desserts in many sizes, and could definitely fit the bill if you want serious chocolate, and very arty. A couple of price notches below Dufflet's and Rahier, as well.

                        Also good in a similar way are the desserts at Jules on Mount Pleasant. Great use of fruit, and also very cool visually.

                        On the more traditional end, and at a slightly higher price point, is Wanda's in the Kitchen with Dinah. Wanda's cakes are delicious.

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                            I second Patisserie La Cicogne. They're just down the street from Rahier we find their cakes to be just as good.

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                            Sounds interesting, do you know if you need to order ahead or can you just walk in and pick one up?? Have you tried the chocolate?

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                              I've had a fair number of things from La Cicogne, including a number of cakes with chocolate mousse incorporated. Uniformly delicious and well executed. Jules, I've had some chocolate things and the lime tart, which were also fantastic. Wanda's, I've had some tarts and cookies, but have heard great things about her cakes (there are some recipes on the website, I think, if you want to do due diligence on ingredients).

                          3. Another cute option might be a selectio of Cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe. I got 24 minis and a big one from my family for my 25th, and enojyed the variety of cake flavours that i got to sample....the after-eight and lemon were STELLAR. and don't get sttarted on their buttercream....

                            Cupcake Shoppe
                            2417 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

                            1. What about Eat My Words. I have had cupcakes from them and they are brilliant. and beautiful plus I believe they deliver the cakes in a blue hat box tied with a brown ribbon. I don't know how many you are looking to feed though. I don't think you can physically go to the bakery though.
                              Take a look.

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                                oh wow :( but their price is too high for me. are the other locations that expensive?

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                                  I think the Eat My Words is way more on the pricey side than some admittedly. I gather they give some of the money to a charitable cause but you are paying for a very premium product. You may find that Dufflets would likely be a bit less in terms of cost. And their cakes really are very good. We had an amazing chocolate cake from them and everyone raved over it. It was everything a Chocolate cake should be, moist, thick and rich.

                                  What price range/size are you looking for? Are you looking for a specialty cake or something else?

                                  Another spot is Dessert Trends - http://www.desserttrends.ca/ . I haven't tried them but I have hear a number of other people praise the quality of their product.

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                                    i'm not quite sure... I was thinking about $20 for a small cake <- I just need it for 2-4 people :P (or is that too low? I'm not quite familiar about cake prices)

                                    1. re: oneglance

                                      ...in that price range Dufflets would be perfect, I've never seen one go over poorly, great selection too, go to their website to see all:


                                      ..another option if it's only for a few people is to get a variety of small single bite cakes (Rahier does great ones) or I have picked out a few different tarts at Dufflets and let people choose...

                                      1. re: Recyclor

                                        Yeah, I've done that too. It's actually kinda fun.....hoping that the selection you want doesn't get nabbed by someone ahead of you.

                                        1. re: millygirl

                                          I usually gorge myself on a few extra tarts prior to the party and then I can appear to graciously allow everyone else to have their choice first...LOL!

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                                          how much are their single bite cakes and normal cakes for rahier?

                                          1. re: oneglance

                                            Sorry oneglance, I do not recall the prices, it's been a little while since I've been up there...

                                2. There is also Daniel et Daniel; very good cakes.