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Sep 10, 2007 08:39 PM

Looking to try a Danny Meyer restaurant for lunch...

I am interested in trying a Danny Meyer restaurant for lunch and am having difficulty choosing between three options:

Gramercy Tavern
Eleven Madison Park
The Modern

Any strong opinions?

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  1. I'd say EMP. Since Daniel Humm came, and even before then, the place is excellent. Frank Bruni of the Times quasi-recently downgraded GT to 2 stars and upped EMP to 3 stars, for whatever that's worth. You could probably find the review in the archives. EMP has fantastic flavor, presentation and service. Have never been to the Modern for lunch. Hope this helps!

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    1. re: SweetSummerCorn

      As a huge fan of EMP, it would certainly be my first choice.

      Correction: Bruni awarded GT 3 stars under current chef Michael Anthony. Here's the link to that review:

    2. Also: how much are you willing to spend? Do you prefer more formal or casual dining? Do you have time for a long, leisurely lunch? Do you want the Tavern Room or the Dining Room at GT?

      Note that the Modern's Dining Room isn't open for lunch, so, really, you're comparing EMP and GT with Bar Room at the Modern, yes?

      1. Forget Danny Meyer restaurants. He's more into promoting himself than the food. A recent trip to Blue Smoke confirmed this. You can get the Blue Smoke by Danny Meyer Bourbon, the Blue Smoke by Danny Meyer Beer, the Blue Smoke by Danny Meyer peanuts, the Blue Smoke by Danny Meyer Sauce, and on the way out you can get a Picture of Danny Meyer, the Danny Meyer cookbook, and probably a Danny Meyer bobblehead doll. . .

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        1. re: lookingforpig

          Blue Smoke is more the exception among his restaurants -- it's the only one that has a big, thorough shelf of merchandise up front. I've been to all his other places and the others are lacking the "Danny Meyer store" feeling.

          1. re: kathryn

            True. I have never seen Danny Meyer naan at Tabla. Which is a wonderful restaurant by the way. It's not Indian food per se (nor is it Per Se, ha!); for me, it was more Indian-inspired contemporary fare.

            I would love a Danny Meyer bobblehead doll. I would bring it to all his restaurants and make the head nod if the food was good.

        2. I love the food at The Modern, but I think the place is much more appropriate for dinner. Who wants to have lunch at the bar? Eleven Madison Park serves a much more refined and satisfying lunch, anyhow.