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Barbeque Grill

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I'm looking to buy one -- with a hinged lid -- I don't like the Weber tops that go on and off. I cannot remember the exact name of the one Alton Brown likes. Texas something? About $500 with cast iron grill. I don't really want to pay that much but don't want to throw away $$ on something I won't really like. I definitely want a charcoal one.

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  1. We bought that grill a few years ago and love it! Well worth the $$ if you grill. You can find the link on ABs website.

    Brinkman makes a very similar version but it's not cast iron. It's not as sturdy but has great functionality for about $150. I've seen it at the big box home improvement stores. I haven't checked their website but I'm sure Brinkmans shows it.

    1. I haven't used this, but it might be a good compromise if you want the lower price of a Weber with the convenience of a semi-attached lid.


      1. The model you're thinking of: http://www.bbqgalore.com/charcoal//16...

        I've seen in person, and it is very nice. If I didn't already have a Weber, I'd definitely get it. But unless you're cooking for a big crowd, or plan on roasting a large turkey, it's a bit overkill...

        1. I like grill/smokers with an offset firebox. Here's some from Charbroil.
          You can smoke at low temp using charcoal or wood. You can grill for a mob using the big main grill. You can grill for one or two using the grill in the firebox.

          1. If you're going to learn how do really barbeque (and this is different than grilling), you need to get an offset smoker. I have a New Braunfels Black Diamond which is excellent and Brinkmann makes the Smoke'N Pit which is good with some simple modifications. Home Depot also sells a copy that is made by charbroil for about $150. You can use any of these to grill burgers, steaks and dogs-but if you want to really barbeque and make ribs or pulled pork, you can and this opens up a whole world of cooking for a true chowhound. TJ Maxx is a good place around now to buy accessories for the smoke like ribracks and chicken stands-buy the stainless ones which hold up muck better. Craiglist can be good too if you don't mind used as people who have to move will often sell it cheap or just give it away. Good Luck -Karl