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Sep 10, 2007 08:33 PM

Barbeque Grill

I'm looking to buy one -- with a hinged lid -- I don't like the Weber tops that go on and off. I cannot remember the exact name of the one Alton Brown likes. Texas something? About $500 with cast iron grill. I don't really want to pay that much but don't want to throw away $$ on something I won't really like. I definitely want a charcoal one.

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  1. We bought that grill a few years ago and love it! Well worth the $$ if you grill. You can find the link on ABs website.

    Brinkman makes a very similar version but it's not cast iron. It's not as sturdy but has great functionality for about $150. I've seen it at the big box home improvement stores. I haven't checked their website but I'm sure Brinkmans shows it.

    1. I haven't used this, but it might be a good compromise if you want the lower price of a Weber with the convenience of a semi-attached lid.

      1. The model you're thinking of:

        I've seen in person, and it is very nice. If I didn't already have a Weber, I'd definitely get it. But unless you're cooking for a big crowd, or plan on roasting a large turkey, it's a bit overkill...

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          1. I like grill/smokers with an offset firebox. Here's some from Charbroil.
            You can smoke at low temp using charcoal or wood. You can grill for a mob using the big main grill. You can grill for one or two using the grill in the firebox.