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Sep 10, 2007 08:26 PM

Recommendations for best Indian in OC?

Have read the reviews for Haveli in Tustin. Any other recommendations for a really good Indian restaurant in OC? I am specifically looking for good places anywhere in the vicinity between Irvine (airport area) and Orange. Thanks!

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  1. Clay Oven in Irvine is pretty good as is India Cookhouse. If you are in Huntington Beach make sure to try Bhukara. They have a great and fiery Chicken Vindaloo!

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      Nearby in Brea I've recently found Shennai.

    2. A former employer had one of his wedding receptions at Royal Khyber next to South Coast. Indian food doesn't sit well for me, but the fact that he chose it (and the guest list was almost purely Middle Eastern) leads me to believe that it's pretty good. Then again, maybe he was also just trying to impress us?

      1. greetings, a year or two ago we had a very good meal at the Dosa Palace on Red Hill in Tustin. They have Andra food and S.Indian (hence the name) plus the more usual stuff. Hope they're still in business.

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          Dosa Place is, indeed, still open and has incredible food. They have a nice lunch buffet on weekends, and their regular menu is superb---spiced to order, with wonderful sauces and sides. You must try it!

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            You must like Spicy to go to Dosa Place. Everything is, very, very, hot.

        2. These are all great suggestions. I am new to the OC, so appreciate your ideas. I will try Royal Khyber tonight, since I have been looking for an Indian restaurant that was on a par with my favorite Indian restaurant (in Oak Park, IL my hometown) called Khyber Pass. So I like the name already. ;-) Will let you know my thoughts.

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            Royal Khyber is indeed one of the best Indian restaurants in the LA area. We went to a catered graduation party about 2 years ago, and their food was superb.

            Royal Khyber Fine Indian
            1621 W Sunflower Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92704

          2. I'm not an expert on Indian food, and this might be a little out of your target area, but I thought the food at Mayur was quite good.

            Mayur Cuisine of India
            2931 E Coast Hwy, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

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            1. re: Wonginator

              I have been to Mayur many times and find it very good, but their prices make me giggle. $20 bucks for Chicken Tikka (and a small portion at that), $25 bucks for shrimp tandoori..what the f**k?

              And most of their veggie dishes are $15.

              I know it is high rent district..but jeez.

              1. re: cdmedici

                Just tried Royal Khyber this evening. Very nice place! The swordfish tandoori was very good (it came with a very tasty tikka sauce) and so was the onion basil naan. The dessert was a bit unusual - my mom and I shared a gulab jamon and rice pudding. The rice pudding was particularly delicious, but both desserts had an edible silver foil that seemed a bit pointless, as it didn't add anything in terms of either flavor or presentation. Almost thought it was left there accidentally! Otherwise though very good, healthfully-prepared food. Nice masala chai tea too, with a surprisingly refreshing cardamom/citrus twist. Next stop is Mayur!

                1. re: FoodieKat

                  The silver foil is traditional and edible. I did a report for a college class and the book I did my research from mentioned it. It was a very thick book (300 pages?) about the history, etc. of Indian cuisine, recipes etc. I borrowed it from Santa Ana College Library. Ask at the reference desk if you're interested. The library is open to the community (little know fact - most community college libraries are).

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                  :-) ha. Just saw this post about Mayur. Better save my pennies for Mayur then, 'cause Royal Khyber wasn't cheap either. The swordfish tandoori was $24. Appetizers weren't cheap either, so I didn't bother ordering these, since I wasn't hungry enough to justify. Any ideas for a good Indian buffet, since these are usually a little more cheap and cheerful?

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                    Glad you liked Royal Khyber!

                    Clay Oven off Jeffrey/Irvine Center Drive. Under $10 for their buffet.


                    Nothing fancy, but it does the trick.

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                      Haveli in Tustin. I think it's the best Punjabi restaurant I've tried in OC. I will grant you that there are many I haven't tried yet.

                      Haveli's lunch buffet it a phenomenally good deal (last time I went was like $8), and the food is terrific. Clay Oven is just ok in my book. Haveli blows it out of the water.

                      Haveli Fine Indian Cuisine
                      13882 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

                      1. re: Professor Salt

                        What he said.

                        Haveli has a four page menu that is written so small I could barely read it with tons of items and variety. Ordered about seven dishes and all were great.

                    2. re: cdmedici

                      Yeah, it seemed high to me, but I wasn't sure since I don't eat Indian food often. Prices were $16-20 when I went, probably at least 2 years ago.

                      When I went to India Cook House, prices were $12-18, so Mayur didn't seem overly pricey, but just a bit more expensive.

                      But when I go to Lucille's BBQ and get charged $25 for a full rack of ribs, prices at other places don't seem so out of whack. Everything is expensive in OC, so we just have to work a little bit harder to find the affordable deals that we can eat everyday. :-)

                      I think the lunch buffet at India Cook House is $10, but not sure of the current price, as it's been at least 6 months since I last visited.

                      India Cook House
                      14130 Culver Dr Ste M, Irvine, CA 92604

                      1. re: Wonginator

                        Ha. Yes, I can see your point. However, having just moved back to the US from the UK, I can safely say I know how expensive fine dining can be (among other things). I am also used to having a huge selection of excellent Indian restaurants to choose from, most of which were not too pricey by comparison, so I guess I have been spoiled. :-)