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Sep 10, 2007 06:53 PM

King's Garden - Closed?

In late August, Lolo posted that King's Garden had closed. I have tried to get confirmation of their status, but have been unable to go to that part of town recently to check myself. When I try calling their phone #, I keep getting a "mailbox full" response. This is a location that is mentioned and promoted often (like today) on this board. Can anyone confirm one way or the other.

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  1. It's closed on Monday.

    1. they are closed for good - sad but true.

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      1. re: MeMeMe

        Thx MeMeMe. That is too bad. Downtown higher end Chinese/Dim-Sum restaurants down to Lai Wah Heen and Dynasty then. Sad that this market doesn't support more.

        1. re: T Long

          Funny, I just saw King's Garden reviewed in this month's Toronto Life. I guess the editors didn't catch that the place has closed.

      2. I don't think they closed because of a lack of business, I think it was a rent issue...

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        1. re: laurelmcg

          Hopefully any new upscale Chinese restaurant will not have to charge Lai Wah Heen prices to stay in business in downtown TO. King's had the more attractive price point, but if they had to close because of business costs and not lack of business, then let's all hope that Toronto's city council likes good Chinese food in a comfortable environment.

          1. re: T Long

            They had a massive lunch crowd, but the weekend and evening business just didn't seem to be there. Dim Sum is expensive to offer - i don't believe it has a high margin. In any case - now it seems that Pearl Harbourfront would be the place to go for fabulous weekday business dim sum!

            1. re: MeMeMe

              I am so sad. I love King's Garden. So delicious. I am going to have to find a new place. Maybe they will re-open else where.... (one can hope)

              1. re: MeMeMe

                You are right about Pearl Harbourfront...I'd forgotten about them and haven't been there for over 5 years, but they would qualify as higher end. A little out of the way for downtown core, but then so is the Dynasty up at Bloor.

                1. re: T Long

                  we went to Pearl the same day we showed up at King's Garden and it was closed. We didn't enjoy it, just not the same quality and very expensive and very busy. I guess it is off to Dynasty this weekend but we weren't impressed two years ago when we last went. Is there anything else out there? La Wah Heen and anything in Chinatown is out as well!

                  King's Garden's problems started when they opened Golden Leaf in China Town.

                  1. re: lolo

                    Hey Lolo: First thx for the original heads up about King's closing. For me the go-to place downtown has been the Dynasty. I do like Wah Heen, but the prices are such that I reserve that place for only VERY special occasions. Spadina/Dundas places are uncomfortable to me, but sometimes the food quality can be OK. I enjoy going for Dim-Sum, but for me its more about the overall dining experience and not just the atmosphere, cleanliness, and prices all contribute to my feelings of having a good time. With this attitude, I find that I don't go that often for Dim-Sum, There are some quite good places (food quality wise) up in Richmond Hill/Markham/Scarborough, but they are always very busy unless you go at off-peak times. Casa Imperial on Steeles, near Warden has that King's Garden feeling, but I find it quite pricey (rather go to Wah Heen). My go-to place recently outside of downtown is an old standby...Sam Woo Seafood (Warden/Bamburgh Circle), but comparatively, it's a slight notch below the Dynasty. Let us know how you find the Dynasty this time.

                    1. re: T Long

                      You may want to try Spring Villa (Woodbine & Dennison) for dim sum. Their dim sum is quite good after the renovation. I tried the dinner several times & found it just average. However, there's a set dinner with Peking duck ( 6 courses + soup, rice or noodle, dessert soup & dessert dim sum) for $78. It's supposed to be for 4, but it can easily feed 6. I've no complaint at this price.
                      For dim sum, if you place order before 10:45am, only $2.50 each, everyday.

                    2. re: lolo

                      Golden Leaf morphed into JJs Kitchen, same location, same decor, even some of the staff was the same. The menu cover still said "Golden Leaf" when we went (a while ago). The prices were high but the quality not that great so we haven't been back, wonder if it's still there.

                      BTW, JJs is the first menu that I've seen in Chinatown that has more items in the English section than in the Chinese. It's because they listed stuff like "Singapore noodles" only in English - I wonder if Chinese patrons are allowed to order it. (This is not just a joke. A couple of years ago we went to Golden Leaf on Mother's day, we were told all they're serving that day was a choice of set menus for 2, 4 or 8, with abalone and shark fin soup etc, no substitutions. A white family came in, I was watching what they would do - they were given the regular menu and got fried noodles and rice.)

                      1. re: Teep

                        I passed by JJs Kitchen last week & it's closed too. There's a sign up 'restaurant for sale' .

                        1. re: ace123

                          I went to King's Garden on Aug 6 (Long weekend Monday), someone inside came out & told me they closed on Monday.
                          We then went to Pearl Harbourfront. We enjoyed the dim sum there as much as in King's Garden. Surprisingly, the portion is quite big for dim sum. Har Gau & siu mei are huge. Most dim sums have 4 pc in each order, e.g. pan fried eggplant with shrimp paste. Several dim sums that had shrimp tasted very good. The view is nice. Service is good. I would prefer Pearl to Dynasty.

                          1. re: ace123

                            My husband I have been going every Saturday for the past 6 years. Much to our suprise we arrived one Saturday morning to find a notice posted on the front door indicating they had a very large sum of money owing to the landlord. What a shock!!
                            So far we have tried a few other locations and it looks like our new spot is now Dynasty. It's pretty good but still missing the flavours of Kings Garden along with all the wonderful employees.