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Sep 10, 2007 06:49 PM

OH Yeah Ice Cream Shop in Shadyside.

This ice cream place just opened this week on S. highland next to Typhoon and Buffalo Blues and it is really tasty. My boyfriend and I got (beware, it sounds wierd) lime and toasted coconut sorbet blended with an avocado and it was delicious!! You really don't get the flavor of the avocado as much as the buttery texture.

I also sampled the wu fu tofu chocolate ice cream, which was suprisingly good (I'm not a big tofu person). It was very dark and full of cocoa and reminded me of very very dark chocolate. The prices aren't too bad. $2 for one scoop. Although our little avocado creation ran us over $5, worth it though. If anyone tries any new combinations of ice cream at this place let me know. The possibilities are endless and they also serve "ice cream breakfasts." I really don't know what that entails. I'm sure its not the best breakfast for you, but fun to do once in your life. Check it out.

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  1. "Ice cream breakfast"? Is that similar to gelato in brioche? If so, that could be worth a trip.

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      I think the Ice cream breakfasts are literally ice cream mixed with breakfast type items such as granola or berries. The ice cream is worth the trip though...especiallly if you are into organic

    2. Too funny, I saw that sign on Sat, happened to drive down Highland because I was goofing off and missed a turn several blocks back while driving on Centre. "Ice Cream Breakfast" gets your attention if nothing else.

      Is "Oh Yeah" the name of the place? Or do we just not know? ;-) I didn't catch the name, just remember the breakfast sign.

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        "Oh yeah" is the name of's worth a try. They carry Dave and Andy's (Oakland) ice cream if you've ever had that.

      2. I went out on a limb and had hot n' sweet "firenuts" mixed with chopped apricots in a butter pecan ice cream base with habanero pepper powder on top. Very...very...tasty stuff. Gotta love the spicey heat with cool ice cream. I'd recommend it highly to chili heads and other adventurous types.

        1. It was started by a waiter from Typhoon. I think they are also planning on expanding to coffees, desserts, etc. A night addition to the neighborhood.

          I also heard that an upscale asian place is moving in next to Borders - should be an interesting addition. I guess he has a restaurant at the Wynn in Vegas and his wife is from Pittsburgh so they are opening a place here. Got this info from the owner of the Red Room (who is also adding on to his restaurant with an outdoor area and a cheaper cafe next door).

          1. My boyfriend and I checked it out a few nights ago. I had chai ice cream with crumbled gingersnaps and coconut in a cup, while he had blueberry cheesecake ice cream with peaches in a waffle cone. Mine was a just a scoop with toppings and his was blended. I thought a consistency midway between the two would have been perfect. My toppings went flying out of the cup whenever I stuck my spoon in and my boyfriend's ice cream was too soft and watery (the fresh peaches probably contributed to that).

            Consistency aside, we found our orders quite tasty if not groundbreaking. They really do have some out-there mix-ins. Salmon and seaweed?

            I like the fact that they emphasize local, fair trade and organic ingredients and that they're open until 11 most nights. Has anyone tried their coffee yet?