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Sep 10, 2007 06:39 PM

Columbus, OH - Thai groceries needed

Does anyone know of a place in Columbus where I can find kaffir lime leaves, galangal and bamboo leaves?

Locations north of I-70 would be preferrable and closer to the north east suburbs would be even better, but I would still be appreciative of any locations given.


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  1. You can get kaffir lime leaves at Crestview Market (2950 N High St). They are frozen.

    You can get galangal at Penzey's Spices (4455 Kenny Rd).

    Never bought bamboo leaves.

    A few other Asian markets:

    Columbus Asian Market 817 Bethel Rd

    Sunrise 1841 Henderson Rd

    there is an Asian market next to Lindo (a Cambodian/Mexican restaurant) 3203 Sullivant

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    1. re: kura kura

      Thanks for the recommendations, I will have to check out all three Asian markets and the Crestview Market.

      I go to Penzey's all the time, but am looking for fresh galangal.

      Have you shopped at all the markets you mentioned? If so, I'd love to know what your thoughts were on selection and cleanliness.

      1. re: love2cook

        I've been to them all and like them all. I go to CAM (Columbus Asian Market) and Crestview the most. CAM has the biggest selection. Some of the people who work there are Indonesian so they may be a good source of info for SE Asian cooking. You can get durians at CAM (they are frozen). Crestview is great for Chinese items. As for cleanliness, they all beat markets that I have been to in Asia.

        1. re: kura kura

          Went to CAM this morning. I found frozen galangal there, but no fresh lime leaves.

          While walking around just perusing and getting an idea of what they have, I suddenly remembered that I might have seen fresh kaffir lime leaves at Whole Foods. When I got home, I called, and sure enough they had some though the person I spoke with said they don't always have them, so he set them aside for me to pick up tomorrow.

          Planning to look at the other markets soon. Thanks for all the info!

    2. I've seen all three at the Thai grocery next to the Bangkok on Refugee Rd, although that's southeast of Columbus. However, it's one of the few places one can find fresh kaffir lime leaves and fresh galangal. Penzy's only has it dried.


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      1. re: Niki in Dayton

        Niki, thanks for the tip on the bamboo leaves. I was trying to avoid going all the way over the Bangkok, but if I must, I will. Just getting there and back will take over an hour.

        Any thoughts on the difference in taste between fresh and frozen lime leaves? I've not ever used the kaffir limes leaves before. Have always substituted lime zest, but have decided I want to finally start doing Thai food the right way without all the substitutions.

        Thanks for your help.

        1. re: love2cook

          The lime leaves freeze quite well, without losing too much flavor. Don't go for the dried stuff, it's simply no good. Lime zest is good but it lacks the perfume of the lime leaf. My suggestion is to buy a large amount of fresh leaves and freeze what you don't use. Same for lemongrass and galangal. Hope this helps!

          1. re: cafemonamie

            I agree that fresh is best, then frozen, and don't bother with dried lime leaves. I've been cooking recipes from the cookbook, True Thai,, and although the differences between fresh lime leaves and fresh galangal and frozen or dried are subtle, they are definitely noticable.

            1. re: Niki in Dayton

              Last time I went to Whole Foods, they had fresh galangal.

              1. re: sushigator

                Thanks for the tip. Am heading to WF tomorrow to pick up my fresh kaffir lime leaves and will look for it while I"m there.

              2. re: Niki in Dayton

                I just picked up True Thai at the library the other day.

                Any recipes in particular you have enjoyed from this book?

                1. re: love2cook

                  The pork meatloaf, the spicy salads, the thai-styled corn (last chapter I think). I'm out of town right now so can't look at it to think of others, but I've liked everything I've made so far!


              3. re: cafemonamie

                Great tips! Thanks!

                I'm really looking forward to rounding up all these wonderful fresh Thai ingredients and get cooking!

          2. Have you checked at the North Market? It's not quite out there in suburbia, but it's worth checking out for their unique selection of ethnic groceries.

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            1. re: Walker Evans

              Yes, I go to North Market regularly though it is usually for fresh ingredients and not pantry items which the ethnic groceries tend to be.

              I love Saturday mornings during the harvest season. It's fantastic!

            2. A new Thai/Viet market just recently opened up in Columbus Square Shopping Center (NE corner of 161 and Cleveland Ave.), I can't remember the name though. I've only been there once, and they're clearly still adding stock, but I know they had fresh kaffir the one time I stopped in there. I'll look for galangal and bamboo leaves on my next visit.

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              1. re: red_menace

                I might try to get over there this weekend. I'll report back on how it looks when I do.

                A friend just recommended Nazareth in the same shopping center, so now I have two reasons to visit 161 and Cleveland Ave!

                1. re: love2cook

                  The grocery is actually just a few storefronts down from Nazareth. Hopefully they'll have gotten more stock when you visit. If you go, make sure to pick up one of the killer Banh Mi at Mi Mi Cafe in the same shopping center. It's been discussed on another thread...