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Sep 10, 2007 06:36 PM

Best Beignets and Po Boys

After getting some excellent advice on muffaletas and Emeril's restaraunts, I wanted to ask about the best beignets and po boys. My significant other has never had either (damn yankee!) so I want to introduce him to the best.

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  1. For beignets, a foggy night (yeah, right at this time o' year!) at CDM is as good as it gets. Just pretend that the gentleman to your right is Tennessee Williams.

    I used to love the po-boys at Frank's Deli, on Decateur, but it has changed greatly. Had a wonderful roast-beef (everything just right, including the hot mustard) at Parkway Bakery in Mid-City. It was almost as good as Frank's m-i-l used to make, when she (and he) was alive. I've never been a fan of Mother's, but also have not been in decades. Ten years of trying to find the "magic" there, was enough.

    I used to also love the shrimp po-boy at Felix's, in the Quarter. Did not go on the last trip, but I still try to model mine (when the Fed-X delivery shows up in AZ) after their's.


    PS, be very careful, as Yankees can easily get a "hankering" for good food, once introduced to it. You may be doing seafood po-boys in Boston, or where ever.

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      Zesty, Here is a little list for ya

      Beignets - CDM in Qtr or The original now in Metairie called "The Morning Call"

      Poboys; Parisol's(spelling), Mothers, Liuzza's by the track, Grand Isle Restaurant, Parkway Bakery

    2. Best oyster po'boy Bozos (Metairie), roast beef Johnny's (FQ), Parkway Bakery. Beignets CDM.

      1. If your stuck in the quarter, hit Cafe Du Monde (u really can't mess with anything else)
        and for a poboy I would go with dirty mart aka verti mart on royal.
        If you have car, try morning call off of causeway near lakeside mall (not the same scene but beignets are same as CDM) And for Poboys go to Domilise's

        1. the best roast beef po-boy is Parisols in the garden district. I love the scene at the french qtr for beignets at cafe du monde. - great people watching and music usually anytime. I'm one of those that loves the seafood po-boys at Mothers. I just love the experience in there, people always treat us with love.