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Sep 10, 2007 06:21 PM

I need a cool place for my 40th Birthday

Help...nothing like doing some late planning.

I need a cool, fun place for dinner and drinks with my 40-50 best friends and family next Friday night 09/21/07. We will be cruising in a Limo Bus in/from the South Bay to wherever in the L.A. area and need some ideas where to go.

If this idea doesn't play out, I'm also considering a Limo Bus to Temecula for an entire day of wine tasting. Leaving Sunday am from the South Bay. Any suggestions or tips?


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  1. hm, budget and food preferences? There are a lot of Chinese restaurants that can easily accomodate 40-50 in a room or a semi-private section. Higher end Western restaurants might be tougher/more expensive on short notice.

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      I'm new to the board so I'm not sure what "HM" stands for. Regarding budget and food preferences:

      I love sushi but I think that may get $$ out of control. My guess is that we will have to do appetizers/buffet. I'm not big on Chinese...other than that, I am usually pretty flexible.

      A couple thousand dollars on food would be good.

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        HM means "hm" as in to denote a momentary pause for thought...

        Maybe Chez Mimi... nice room available there.


        Catch at Casa Del Mar

        Il Moro

        Fritto Misto would be a cheaper option

        1. re: Emme

          Catch would be really fun if you can reserve seats for that many on such short notice. I think with 40-50 you would definitely occupy their entire restaurant. Same with Upstairs2.

          I love the idea of Fogo. Expensive, but it's all you can eat and you can sit for hours celebrating and eating. Food quality is quite good, as are drinks.

    2. How about the beer garden at the New Otani in little tokyo?

      1. How about Fugo de Chao on La Cienega. All you can eat churrascaria, with a salad bar. They can give you a private room. The food is good, but expensive, dinner is 62 per person then drinks. But you can relax have a nice room and they can accomodate you.

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          Fogo is a good idea! There are a couple of other Brazilan Churrascarias...

          Porto Allegre in Pasadena is suppose to be pretty good too.

          Roy's has a few semi-private rooms also.

        2. I had my 40th birthday party at Tagine, a gourmet Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills. At this short notice, you might not be able to get the whole restaurant (it can accomodate up to 50), but it would be worth a call to see if they can do it. My birthday dinner there was excellent -- both food and service-wise. It's a tasting menu, $42 per person, plus beverages (they have beer, wine and sangria).

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