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anyone got the scoop on Watt's Grocery?

I've been looking forward to this place opening for ages. Anyone have any updates?

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  1. Amy has made posts here so perhaps she'll chime in. I spoke to her a couple weeks ago and she said they were a few weeks out. I drive by quite frequently, however, and they seem to be a bit delayed from what she said. With that said, I'm looking forward to the restaurant too.

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      I was at the Carrboro market on Saturday for the chef tasting and she stated they were aiming for late September but the restaurant probably won't open until the beginning of October. If the dish she made on Saturday is any indication, Roasted Butternut Squash Salad w/ greens, goat cheese and pecans, I can't wait!

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        I saw the restaurant's name listed at Carrboro farmers market on Saturday, but didn't have any idea what/where it is - so now I understand why! So ... where is this place going to be?

    2. Okay, I thought I replied to this yesterday but I am sadly more computer illiterate than I had imagined. Anyway, thanks for asking. We are opening Watts hopefully in the last week of September. It's really exciting and thanks in advance to you all for the interest.

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        The idea of the place is exciting. Let us know when you open, and if you take reservations or whatever the policy is, and I'll eat there as soon as possible.

      2. Where is this going to be exactly?

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          It's on Broad St. just south of Club Blvd/NCSSM, in the right-hand side of the building that also houses Broad St. Cafe and, after a recent relocation, High Strung music store. Um, in Durham.

          In other news-from-that-block, Palace International, the [in]famous Afro-caribbean restaurant/nightclub that used to be on Parrish St. in the 90s, is set to reopen in that revolving-door restaurant space a few doors south (past the more-stable Green Room/art gallery/soundhaus bloc), which has been a series of pizza/sandwich places, and IIRC is a portion of the old 7th Street restaurant, although that was so long ago that I don't really remember.

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            Ah, Seventh Street. First restaurant I ever ate at when I moved to Durham, fourteen years ago. Good times.

            I hope Palace can break the trend. I liked the food there, not necessarily the infamy!

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              Hooray for Durham! I love living here. Another fun restaurant. Good luck, Amy.

          2. Adding Chow Places entry...

            Watts Grocery
            1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27705

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              <nitpick>It's Watts, not Watt's, named for the neighborhood.</nitpick>

            2. the menus are up on the website!

              1. She was serving farmer's cheese hush puppies at the Farmers' Market this morning. I asked her and she said definitely before Oct. 3

                1. Thanks for all the good cheer. We are hoping to open sometime the week before Oct. 2 but it's really up to the various building and health inspections scheduled this week. Look forward to seeing you all at Watts in the next few months and I'll post when we have a firm opening date (if I know it soon enough!)

                  1. Can't wait for this place to open - the menu looks fabulous.

                    1. Any update? Are we going to see an opening this week?

                      1. In the absence of mods who merge threads, I've placed my initial impressions of Watts Grocery's soft-opening in this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/442693

                        The title of that thread is spelled correctly and should help avoid future confusion.