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Sep 10, 2007 06:00 PM

Food and Wine festival '07 @ Disney's EPCOT, Orlando, FL

Please post rants, raves, and whatever else you feel like telling us Hounders about this event in it's 12th year.

Has anyone ever made it 'around the world' while drinking from each of the festival's offerings. I ate my way 'around the world' last year, but kept walking back to Sam Adam's for the 11th Anniversary lager. Soft opening on 9/27/07 shouldn't be crowded.

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  1. I've been wanting to go for the last few years, but the loan officer at the bank won't give me enough money unless I sell a kidney or small child.

    Just how much to you have to spend to feel like you've actually eaten, or am I misinformed?

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      Most of the food offerings run about $1.50 (New Zealand sliders) to $4.00 (Lobster roll). I'm not talking about the sit down dinners like the Party for the senses and the other reservation required ones. Those are special occasion type deals.
      Soft opening is on the 27th of Sept.

      Anyone else?

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        I'd say it's cheaper to eat around the world than go to a restaurant. I think my mom and I shared 5-6 dishes for lunch last year and we were pretty stuffed. Not bad considering we probably didn't spend more than $20 between the two of us. If you have a bigger appetite you are probably not talking more than that for one person. With 25 countries that each have 3-4 dishes each, you'll have more than enough left to sample for dinner and a second day! All the food we had last year was very tasty.

      2. I have a ticket to go to the senses thing nov 30th and will post back about it for sure!

        1. Here's a good site in getting a glimpse of what this year's events are...
          We're going for a weekend to do the Party for the Senses and the Odyssey Kitchen Conversations with Cat Cora.

          1. I'll be there several days in order to best sample the offerings. Not doing any of the special events though, not worth it when you can't drink as that plays a pretty good part in the prices.

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              We went a few years ago. Only complaint is that there isn't an offering where you can pay a set price and then sample an array of food and you have to pay per item. We would've gladly paid $50 or so and then gotten to try a better array of things. Another thing was we wished there was a bigger representation of nations there. All in all, it is fun.

              1. re: PollyannaFlwr

                PollyannaFlwr wrote: "Only complaint is that there isn't an offering where you can pay a set price and then sample an array of food and you have to pay per item. We would've gladly paid $50 or so and then gotten to try a better array of things."

                If I understand you, you mean you want an event to pay a single price and then sample unlimited items of food and wine ??

                If so, Palate of the Senses each Saturday night is just that -- except I think the ticket is up to about $100 a person now.
                Far and away the best deal of the festival,, unless you are a serious wine drinker who can grab one of the vetical tastings.

                This year they have instituted something called the Andes Mountain Wine Bar, serving about 35 of the best wines from Argentina and Chile. I tasted a half dozen of them last week and they're are a couple of really awesome wines by the glass.

                I'm also curious to see what hath Oklahoma wrought? The state is sponsoring an exhibit, spending major bucks. Remains to be seen what the wines are like, but the native American food is supposed to be spectacular.


                  1. re: Bob Mervine

                    The price is up to $135 and according to the disney reservations number, they are sold out.

              2. As an old Epcot hand -- I worked for Disney when we opened the place -- I've done the around the world excercise more times than I should admit.

                Have never tried it during Food & Wine however -- this year there are 35 kiosks. Don't think I am up to it.

                One Indianapolis radio station used to bring down a plane load of listeners Each year they made up a t-shirt with a new logo for the World Showcase crawl -- with a big red international :"NO" symbol over the Morocco pavilion because they would not serve just a beer at the restaurant.