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Sep 10, 2007 05:42 PM

Need B-day cake with "non-hydrogenateds"

Need to get a b-day cake in boston/ N. of Boston area without crisco or
hydrogenated oils. In other words... real butter cake and buttercream frosting.
Family member gets sick from Crisco type products. Any bakeries out there that are
au naturale?? I usually get cakes from Whole Foods without Hyrdrogies, but this
person likes a "softer" crumb... WF is too dense for this person...arrrgh, the challenges
in life !! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Didnt they make transfats illegal in brookline or something? Or is that only for restaurants?

    1. most carrot/spice cakes are made with oil instead of butter. How about that?

      1. Quebrada Bakery in Arlington and Wellesley make wonderful cakes which I believe are natural- call and ask and they will tell you exactly what is in it. I had a friend who asked them to make a vegetarian cake once and they did.

        1. I'm pretty sure that Rosie's uses butter, no shortening. Their cakes are delicious... though perhaps on the denser side. Lots of good flavors to choose from, though! I'd say their chocolate cakes are denser than the yellow ones.

          1. I am getting the sense that he/she prefers a sponge or genoise-type cake to a classic butter cake (butter cakes are naturally dense and somewhat dry compared to other types of cakes). Personally, my favorite cake from Whole Foods is their almond cream cake, which is wonderfully light but not frosted.