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Sep 10, 2007 05:10 PM

Any good pizza in Athens, GA?

Heading there for the afternoon this Saturday. Looking for a good place for thin crust pizza (pls- no chains). Bischero comes up a lot on this board, but it looks like they might be closed from 2:30 - 5pm on saturdays (or is this old info)? We'll be having a late lunch so looking for something that will be open all afternoon. Thanks!

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  1. Bischero is my favorite in town, mainly because I prefer the very thin crust, but I have had it not be so good on a couple of occasions.

    Honestly, if you want good pizza athens is not really the best place for it.

    The only other place I really like is Little Italy, but it's greasy and the place is very dirty. It's great if you've been drinking, probably not so much for a saturday afternoon.

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      Good luck getting a table at about any place downtown (ie Little Italy) Saturday during the game as downtown is packed for homegames, even when they're only playing the Catamounts.

      1. re: Dax

        Good point about the football game!
        What about Transmetropolitan? Any good? Do they have a 2nd location that is not downtown?

        1. re: dallen

          FWIW, and just for future reference, many consider Transmetropolitan to have the most consistently good pizza in town. The whole pies are pretty darn good, and if you keep your lunch slices simple and not too overly-adorned, they are good as well. It's just good Brooklyn-style pizza, nothing to write home to Ma about, but better than anything else in this area.

          Except for Little italy, which I do like once in a while, but the place is just flat grimy, no way around it. And their pizza is pretty greasy. Tasty, but greasy.

      2. re: Awall25

        Any other suggestions for a good lunch outside of town? (neither of us are UGA alumni so we want to avoid the bars & restaurants that will be packed for the game that afternoon.)

        1. re: dallen

          You could head West on the Atlanta Highway to Bogart for Fresh Air BBQ.

          1. re: creativeusername

            Same Fresh Air that's in Jackson and Macon?

            1. re: dinner belle

              Yep. There's an Athens Tech location too, but I've just been to the one in Bogart. It's right by the Pepsi bottling plant. Just as good as the one in Jackson IMO.


              1. re: creativeusername

                Meh, I just went and wasn't very impressed. Sauce is good, but that's it.

      3. Bischero has the best pizza- go on monday night and it's buy one get one free- other wise they are about 12-14 bucks each. Transmet is very good- be sure to eat upstairs to avoid all the study groups---

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          Best BBQ is Jot Em Down on Whitehall Road near Barnett Shoals road. I don't like fresh Air.
          The people who own Little Italy also own Peppino's which is all the way down at the end of Milledge Ave (past the Botanical Gardens ) also at Whitehall Road. Their Pizza reminds me of what I used to buy by the slice in Queens NY. The kind you fold in half to eat with lots of sauce and gooey cheese. I like it a lot. Same essentially as at Little Italy but clean and roomy instead of dirty and cramped.
          Bischero's has exotic toppings, thin crust, slightly charred and tasting of the wood burning brick oven. Very different than what I grew up on but very good in it's own way. Too different to compare but both are good in their own ways.

        2. Bischero has the best pizza in Athens, no contest. It was recently ranked in the top 10 pizzas in metro Atlanta:
          By the way, Bischero is now open for lunch on Mondays-Fridays. The atmosphere at Bischero is warm and rustic. Nice selection of red wines, too.

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          1. re: kungfudie

            Bischero changed owners changed owners again and changed their lunch menu. (I miss the ensalata de mere) I will try it out soon and report back. The brick oven is still the same.