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Sep 10, 2007 05:06 PM

Wildfire Grill (Flames Central)

Boy, does this place have lots of TVs. I was here a couple of weeks ago, as a lunch with my coworkers. We'd made a reservation for six, but wound up with a total of eight (I was one of the two latecomers), and this was apparently a task requiring 10 minutes of intense computer work to remedy -- it wasn't incredibly busy, either. We sat down, and after browsing the menus and chatting amongst ourselves, the server finally arrived to take our drink orders. (Keep in mind; I was a latecomer -- this was maybe half an hour into the experience.) Of course, we ordered our meals as well; a mix of clubhouse sandwiches and pulled pork BBQ. The decor was interesting; lots of TVs and lots of attention paid to that end.

As an eternal optimist, I got the pulled pork, and it was entirely unspectacular; frankly a little sad sack. It came with a pretty nice caesar salad (which our server helpfully suggested, neglecting to mention the $3 surcharge for a dinky little side salad). Overall, my coworkers thought their food was pretty good, but nobody raved about it, and it's an expensive lunch, particularly considering what you get. We asked for the (hefty) bill pretty well as soon as we got our food, since the service had been slow up to that point; in the end, the earliest people left at 1:30, and I didn't get back until 2, which is way too long for a lunch, at least where I work.

So to sum up, the service is excruciating, the food is okay at best and ridiculously overpriced.

But, on the other hand, they have lots of TVs.

Of course, so does the Future Shop.

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  1. I went there last spring after the playoff games were over (for us, anyway, I think the Canucks were still playing), to check out the sous vide thing. What I remember is you couldn't get any of the snack-type appies unless you sat on the OTHER side of the fenced-off area reserved for the Wildfire Grill. I don't remember much else, it was reasonably good but not outstanding, fairly expensive but no more so than some of the other places on 8th Ave. I thought the service was fine, but the playoffs were still on, maybe they had an excess of staff at the time.

    The space was really cool - lots of lights and changing colours, and the huge TV where I'd expect the movie screen used to be was amazing. It's not the best place for a fine dining experience but it's certainly worth checking out on a non-game night.

    1. no intention of going there, but just wanted to thank you for the highly entertaining review. I loved the "intense computer work" bit most of all.