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Sep 10, 2007 04:31 PM

Antico Forno/ Chicken Parm Lunch

There's a recent thread on chicken parm and I got a craving for it for lunch last week. Originally planned to try Il Panino Express; which someone here raved about..and I've never tried. On the walk over, we decided we wanted more of a "sit down" meal. Checked Antico Forno, which is a place I like OK but don't hit very often. They had it as a "blackboard special." Great dish...cooked in the wood oven over pasta. Pricier than the usual sub version but really nicely done.

The waiter said they could always make it for lunch.

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  1. I've lost count how many times I've had the chicken parm at Antico Forno this summer. It's been on the menu every weekend. I love that it's served in the terra cotta casserole dish straight out of the wood oven. Now, I'm waiting for them to put the butternut squash raviolis back on the menu for Fall!

    1. My husband had this last night. It was really good, and impressive in size. They don't have the butternut squash ravioli yet, but they did have pumpkin gnocchi last night. As usual, I got the linguine with clams - can't bring myself to order anything else.

      1. Had the chicken parm there during restaurant week - quite good. Sauce was tasty and the chicken was nice and moist.

        Didn't care for their gnocchi, though. It was chewy, and had a sauce that wasn't that good. Maybe it was because it was for RW or they had a bad night?

        1. Wow, this is very good to know, as I love Antico Forno but have never seen chicken parm on the menu. I wonder if they'd pack it up to go for me?
          Speaking of Il Panino, it was probably me singing who was singing its praises. I a chicken parm sub there a couple of weeks ago and it was good, not great. I still think it's the best version in town, but some days it's better than others.

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            I think it was you that got me on the way to Il Panino Express.

            I'd guess that AF would pack it to go, but there's something nice about that hot terra cotta casserole dish being brought to the table..still bubbling hot..:) You'd miss that if you had it to go.