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Sep 10, 2007 04:17 PM

Birthday for a 17yr old Girl

I am coming to NY in late Sept with my family (3 kids). Its my daughters 17th birthday and I would like to take here somewhere interesting, different and special in Manhattan. Any suggestions?

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  1. what are the ages of the other children. What neighborhood? Any special type of food?

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      Other kids are 14 and 11. No special type. I want something more for the ambience and "being different" as opposed to the culinary arts.

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        That being the case, I would check out Mars 2112 and Jekyll and Hyde Club. Both are theme restaurants with the food being what you would expect in a theme restaurant. I think that Mars 2112 has the better food, but I haven't been to either in a couple of years. In any event, both are fun for the kids.



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          Would Mars be too juvenile for a 17 year old's birthday?

          We took my 15 year old nephew to Cowgirl in the West Village which he liked. Also, I joined some visiting friends of ours at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square (It was a step up from Fridays which I managed to talk them out of: "No, no you can't come to NYC and eat at Fridays! You just can't!"). I must say I was amazed by the FABULOUS rock memorabillia collection there. It's really museum quality.

          I thought the food was ghastly, but I had a surprisingly fun time at the restaurant and my friends teenagers LOVED it.

    2. You can try Otto. Great for all ages and group, and I see people celebrating something there. The gelato will make the 11 and 14 year olds happy.

      1. Mars 2112 and Jeyll are HUGH ripoffs, WORST service and food too. What about someplace fun like the Chelsea Pier? Lots of stuff to do there. Or maybe TAO?

        1. My kids love Shun Lee Cafe-great food-dim sum and chinese, lovely atmosphere.

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            Don't diss this: Kids would love Ruby Foo in the theater district on Broadway.