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Sep 10, 2007 03:32 PM

Help! Bachlorette Party for 7 in SF Friday!

Howdy folks,

My soon-to-be sister-in-law is having her party this Friday and her best gal hasn't really done anything in the way of planning. Half of the party will be the Moms and the others are in their 30's. She's looking for something upscale but not too fussy, not Italian (Doing Venezia the next day). Any suggestions for a few good places to go for a classy drink (with a view), an excellent place to eat and a nice place for dessert? I don't think the Moms will be up for clubbing ; ) A past post referenced the CAV Wine Bar & Kitchen, is this a worthy candidate?
The bride is a great person as well as cook and I'd like to find places that would celebrate her entrance into our family.

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  1. Cav has a good wine list and much better food than the average wine bar. The setting is standard industrial chic--zinc bar, etc. Like most SF dining spaces, it can get loud in there, so you probably can't have a group conversation. I don't think there is a private room.

    The do get booked, so I'd give them a call if you're interested. The site has information about creating custom menus for private parties, so take a look at that:

    As for a view, at Cav it's of a particularly nasty part of Market Street, but it's a fairly close walk to Muni, if anyone's taking public transportation.

    1. pity about the no italian thing. back room at a16 would have been superb.