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Sep 10, 2007 03:12 PM

Honestly ?

Does everyone truly agree with the reviews that say Sake Cafe is the best sushi place in N.O.?

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    1. No, I don't even think they're top 3. My current favorite is Ninja on Oak St.

      1. While we did not do any other sushi, while in NOLA, I would hope that there is better. Our dining was good, but not great. However, I do not feel that is fair to rate a sushi restaurant in NOLA, against ones in other spots - SF, Hawai`i, even Phoenix.

        I'll watch this thread, to see what we missed.


        1. Horinoya on Poydras consistently serves the highest quality sushi in New Orleans. I have heard several comments from others that it's expensive, but these are usually the same type of diners who buy higher grade toro and then wonder why their bill is higher than usual! The owners are always there and always gracious. She is always in the front helping out; he is always behind the sushi bar working hard. ((BTW - this is where Chef Scott Boswell of Stella! took the French Iron Chef Sakai (of the original Japanese Iron Chef series) to have sushi when he visited New Orleans last March!))

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              Me three on Horinoya. Not only is the fish always of good quality, the chef/owner features local species. His whitefish is often snapper, flounder, cobia/lemonfish or other gulf species, not some flown-in escolar or generic sea bass from God knows where. The nigiri & rolls aren't huge, bloated, american-style pieces, either; you can fit them into your mouth in one or two bites.

              H is also aesthetically superior to some other sushi spots in town. All of the dishes are ceramic or wood, seasonally appropriate, and selected to complement the items served on them. No cheap restaurant-grade white plates or (worse) plastic. In addition, the place is sparklingly clean, quiet, and soothing. It also has a couple of private tatami rooms in the back.

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