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Sep 10, 2007 03:06 PM

Paella in Barcelona?

I'm holding out 1 of our 8 meals in BCN for paella, but a search of the boards is discouraging. Anything new out there? Would prefer a seafood variety over meat. Thanks!

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  1. That's easy. Can Ros in Barceloneta: Almirall Aixada, 7

    Here are other options as well (Barcelona Tourism's "Rice Crawl"):

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    1. re: shiromaguro

      try to get a fideua - a catalonian style paella with little bits of noodles instead of rice. got it at some hole in the wall joint in barceloneta - was quite good despite my ragining hangover. have actually been hankering for it ever since then.

      have fun!

      1. re: shiromaguro

        Thanks! Can Ros was the one we were hoping would be confirmed by someone in the know...I'll report upon return in mid-Oct!