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Mar 1, 2006 12:18 PM

spanish,portuguese,basque,or south american breakfasts ? (or maybe brunch).....

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looking for authentic breakfasts in the bay area.....

or if you only know brunch places, maybe your recs for these?
thanx for telling!

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  1. I recall a favorable review by rworange about Monteros in Albany.

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      thanx! the review was nice but, i could not find any iberian or south american dishes..... hopefully someone can point out some if there are.

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        Sousa’s Bife a Portuguesa.

        Sousa's doesn't open up until lunch, but this would make one nice brunch dish. It is in San Jose on Alum Rock and along that street are all sorts of Portuguese bakeries and cafes, Popular Bakery next to Sousa's being the best.

        Across the street is Cafe Docanto where you can get real Portuguese coffee for a steal. There's not much English spoken there and the cable tv station is tuned to Portugual.

        For upscale Portuguese, I third or fourth La Salette. The morning brunch-ish items are mainly baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and crepes.

        Montero's where I really liked the huevos rancheros is Mexcican rather than Spanish.

        I haven't eaten at 9 Islands Bakery yet in Ronhert park, but there were some positive posts. Don't know the situation yet.

        Somewhere up north, there's a place with Spanish/Portuguese dishes, but it is not jumping out of my notes.

        El Chalon in El Sobrante makes a nice Peruvian Pan con Chircarron on Sunday morning. In San Francisco, Rincon Peruano had a positive post for a Peruvian breakfast and they also serve this sandwich. I've been meaning to try it, but haven't yet. Here's more info:


        Not alot of Basque in the area and probably nothing in terms of breakfast. It seems the Fresno area (California board) might be the place to ask.

        I did a recap on Portuguese food in the area, which has a post under it about Sousa's Steak and eggs. Half Moon Bay Brewery was moving to have a few dishes on the menu, but don't know the current state or if the brunch menu has anything Portuguese.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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          wow thanx for the many recs and links.....
          i see there are a few reasons to san jose for portugese chow!
          thanx also for the others elsewhere.....

          i also looked up the basque cultural center in south san francisco -
          a couple of egg dishes, omelette basquaise and "arrultze eta xingar" (prosciutto and eggs) could do for a late breakfast - open 11:30 in the morning tue-fri -


    2. La Salette in Sonoma (Portuguese) is open in the morning, serving its house-made fresh cheese and amazing fritters.

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        ooooh and portuguese bakery and pastries! a great idea for a late breakfast (website shows tue-sun open at 11:30 for restaurant)
        thank you!

      2. you could try the grubstake. portuguese diner, open late.

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          thanx for the rec.....
          weekend mornings after 10 sounds good to me (other days not open until early evening) -
          some appealing items for breakfast on the portuguese menu -

          (late night after bars close breakfasts would be good except i am usually not awake!