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Sep 10, 2007 01:57 PM

Future inlaws coming to town

I was hoping for some help. My future in-laws are visiting soon. I'd like to take them to some GOOD (interesting and fun) meals in the DC area.

Places we are considering ...
For dinner: Central, Colorado Kitchen, Ardeo Bardeo, Majestic
For lunch: Italian Store, A&J's (Rockville), Vace, Lebanese Taverna, Pho 75

Places they've been (and enjoyed): Dino's, Ceiba, Zaytinya, 4 Sisters, Jaleo, Palena, Afghan Grill, Oceannaire, Kinkeads & Lavandou.

What do you think? If you were in my situation, where would you take them? Thanks!

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  1. I might add Komi to the list. Or Tallula or Eve. But it looks pretty good. Get subs at the Italian Store, not Pizza IMHO.

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      Komi and Eve are both significantly more expensive than the places the OP is looking, though Tallula is a great suggestion. If you do have the option I'd go to Eve and sit in the bar for the 13.50 lunch special.

    2. Lunch: CF Folks, Lebanese Butcher instead of Taverna, I'd also throw in Joe's if they wanted Sichuan (disclaimer: I haven't made it to A&J's as I can't get past Joe's if I'm in the area).

      I'm not a fan of Pho 75 due to the pho, but the experience is neat if you've not been. Close in to the district I would vote for Nam Viet both for the pho and the rest of the menu.

      Also, how about some Korean, maybe Hee Been? That'd be a nice dinner.

      1. Seems like you have a pretty good list there. I might add Zola, Hook (excellent!!!), Eve, and Acadiana to the list.

        For lunch, CF Folks is a great idea if they like crab cakes and will be in town Monday-Friday (those are the only days they are open.)

        If they will be here during Sat and Sun and you are interested in brunch Ardeo has a nice brunch. I would also add to the list Bistro Bis and Tabbard Inn (good for dinner as well). For something different Heritage in Dupont Circle does a great Indian brunch on Sundays.

        I personally am not a fan of Labanese Taverna...but that's just me.

        1. Palena.

          great for that type of gathering, I think.

          1. 2941 for dinner (falls church but worth the drive)
            LeAuberge Chez Francois (great falls VA and also very much worth the drive)
            mini-bar ar Cafe Atlantico for dinner
            Citronelle for dinner
            pizzeria paradiso for lunch
            eat first or chanatown express in chinatown for lunch or dinner