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Sep 10, 2007 01:52 PM

MSP Sadness. Forster's Meats

Well, this is just the icing on the meatcake. A Rebours shuts down, and now, Forster's Meats will be joining them for the foreseeable future. At least at the retail level. Can an Oscar nomination for Jessica Alba or the Apocalypse Itself be far behind?
Forster's Meats in Plymouth will be closing on 20 September, due to their rent nearly tripling. Get your andouille, tasso, tri-tip, jerky, and cold-smoked ribeyes while you can, campers.

They will apparently be re-opening a wholesale/catering operation in New Hope (good for me, as getting to Plymouth from Saint Paul is such a treat, anyway. Oh. Wait.) at an uncertain date, and the gent that I spoke with alluded to the possibility of phoning an order in for pickup. But they are still sorting this out. Perhaps the more 'hounding they get, the more they'll be inclined to make arrangements for non-wholesale quantity sales?
I'm going to go and cry in my chicken-andouille gumbo, now.

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  1. Very sorry to hear a good place will not be available. (At least for now.) Is Hackenmuellur's in Robinsdale an option? My boyfriend swears by it. He says it's a real old fashioned butcher shop complete with sawdust on the floor. With real butchers doing real butcher work. He bought a pork shoulder there for slow roasting last weekend. Cuts that aren't available elsewhere can be found here, he says.

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      Hackenmeuller's is definately a real butcher shop with sawdust on the floor and real butchers doing real work. The best things there are their sausages as they make a lot of varities. They're close to my house, and we get stuff there about once a week.

      What they probably aren't is a replacement for Forster's, who operate at a whole other level. You wont find cold smoked, dry aged steaks at Hackenmueller's.

    2. I too really enjoyed Forster's for what it was, but have found equally good and sometimes much better butchers in town also. Clancy's Meats in Mpls is only half-way to Forster's (from St Paul) and they have MUCH better meats available, really smart and talented butchers who do really creative things, and they carry all the stuff you can't buy elsewhere as well (tri-tips, ongelet, sausages, etc). They're small, locally owned, and very supportive of sustainable practices.

      Clancey's Meats & Fish
      4307 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

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        Clancey's is a small outfit. Wholesale will never be part of their game. They have very limited space in their cooler so when they sell out of something it's out until their next shipment. That is the only downside to this place.

        I love the fact that they can tell you the origin of every cut of meat they sell. They work direclty with small family farms and their meat is fantastic. I have never had a better steak than the ones I have bought at Clancey's and their sausages are amazing (lamb, blueberry and pine nut anyone). They almost always have foix gras and their prepared foods are all top notch (house cured pancetta, duck rillets, pickled day lilies and ramps). Greg, one of the owners, used to be chef at Nicolett Island Inn and does great work.

        You pay for what you get, but it is CH HEAVEN!

        1. re: GastronautMN

          I picked Clancy Meats randomly out of the yellow pages in a search for a whole pig to roast for our wedding party.

          They were actually the most reasonably priced place in town, and the NICEST people to deal with. They biked to work 4 hours early to meet my husband for the delivery. They even called us early to let us know they'd talked to their farmer and the big wasn't 'as fat as they hoped' because of the weather. I must say that was the strangest call I'd received about our whole wedding party, but it was also very sweet.

          Little did I know we'd be so lucky to have found such great people.

          So yeah, that didn't really add much about the Forester's thing, just wanted to agree - support Clancy's.. people like this don't come around often so we should make sure they stick around :)

          On a side note, my husband thought the Forester's guy said their just moving b.c the mall they're in is being renovated. I can't confirm.

        2. re: HuaGung

          Uh-oh. Andrew Zimmern says in his blog today that Kristin (the owner of Clancey's) and Greg (the butcher) have "parted ways," which I assume means that Greg has left. Now what? If anybody pops in there this week, please get the skinny and report back.

        3. Noooo! I'm so glad I saw this post before the 20th. Unfortunately, they're closed on Sunday, so we'll have to wait till Monday to get one last pound of beef jerky. I wonder if Latuff's will soon follow?

          1. Thanks, all, for the suggestions of Clancy's and Hackenmeuller's. I actually get pretty good basic dry-aged beef at Widmer's market in Saint Paul. I go all the way to Forster's (or rather, went) for the cold smoked steaks, jerky, tasso, and one of the best andouilles that I have found locally. So far, anyway. I'm always on the prowl for more, but the andouille at this end of the river tends towards blander than I like.
            As far as the reasons for the move go, all I know is what the counterman at Forster's told me, about skyrocketing rent designed to discourage the mixing of wholesale (or catering) operations with retail.
            Come to think of it, most of the rest of the little strip mall looked pretty deserted, so maybe they are rehabbing the whole shooting match?

            1. I heard on the channel 9 morning show this morning that they are going to start demo on the Plymouth Shopping Center (the old strip mall) and start construction on Plymouth Crossroads Station next week. Latuff's pizza will be at the new complex, which they scarily referred to as another "foray into big box real estate for Plymouth" I'm getting some Latuff's tonight and some beef jerky tomorrow...