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Oceannaire v. Three Forks

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We have a choice of going to either Oceannaire or Three Forks for a business dinner. Which would you choose? We've never been to either.

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  1. Oceannaire is a national chain, you might want to ask about it on the Chains board, if has come up before on that board.

    1. I've never been to Three Forks... but I've been dying for some oysters, and they have a great variety of good quality oysters at Oceannaire. I'd go there.

      1. I think 3 forks is horrible. Been there 10 times on business and do not like it at all. Ocean is a Micro-Chain, but I think they do a really good job. They may have the best crab cake one can get.

        1. I've not been to Three Forks so I can't give any comparisons. Oceanaire is a high end chain and although I normally avoid chains if at all possible, I've been there 3 or 4 times because of diining companions' choices and I have to say, it has been very good each time. The seafood is fresh and the selection changes daily - often even between lunch and dinner. They've always had a wide selection of oysters and although I've never ordered the crab cakes my dining companions have said they are excellent - a lot of crab and very little filler. I have found their desserts to be way too large and somewhat pedestrian but everyone else seems to enjoy them. All in all, I would definitely go back if the occasion presented itself.

          1. oceanaire oceanaire. somebody just told me that the best STEAK they ever had was at oceanaire - and it's a seafood place, so what does that tell you. (a great seafood place. i think the best in town.)

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              Wouldn't a better comparison be Oceanaire v. Trulucks?


            2. Seems like you may wish to select based on whether your crowd wants steak or fish - since the menus are so different.

              1. Update: We went to Oceannaire last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The crab cakes were fantastic. We also enjoyed the tuna tartar amuse bouche as well as the starter plate of fresh vegetables and pickled herring. I had the horseradish crusted halibut with fingerling potatoes. The halibut was cooked perfectly and had a wonderul rich buttery flavor. Side dishes are served family style. The creamed corn was the best corn I have ever had. The hashbrowns were nothing special. The only area I really thought they could use improving in was the dessert menu. The baked alaska was tauted as the best dessert in Dallas-it was good except several bites were permeated by the overwhelming alcohol taste which took away from the enjoyment of the dish. The Key Lime pie would not even rank on a menu, it was really bad.