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Sep 10, 2007 01:30 PM

Kraft Bistro

Apparently they have a new chef. Anyone been there recently? What's the latest on the place?

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    1. re: GCGuy

      Kraft Bistro is on Kraft Ave. in Bronxville, right across from the train station
      This is the first I'm hearing about a new chef, do you have any other details?
      We haven't been there in about 6 months. So the old chef was probably still there then. We find it hit or miss, and I think the menu is too unfocused and ecelctic. The brunch is a pretty good deal though, since it includes a bloody mary/mimosa, so we tend to go for brunch on occasion. It's was always pretty empty when we go though.

      1. re: SweetPea914

        I read in Westchester Mag that the sous-chef from Backall's is now there.

        I am glad to give a positive report after our visit this past Saturday. I had been there before, and I thought the place had a very nice atmosphere. The decor is quite homey and inviting.

        Apparently, they have the best kabob in Wetchester (based on a sign in the bar), so I decided to go for the chicken kabob, which was fresh and quite good. Someone unusual, with some pesto-ish lemony sauce grilled on the chicken. The saffron rice was very good (Actually, the whole place smelled like saffron).

        We had 2 appetizers: Goat cheese dumplings in a mango/basil sauce, and some other lamb samosa-like appetizer. I would get the cheese dumplings again. The other one lacked flavor.

        For dessert, we had the Irish bread pudding and the banana brulee. I thought the banana brulee was absolutely delicious. The bread pudding was nothing special. The waiter noticed and brought us all some complimentary dessert wine. Nice touch.

        The owner was walking around, and was very welcoming and friendly and the chef came out to greet diners.

        It was pricey ($22 for kabob). But then again, everything is in this county. But I would go back.

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        1. I was just there recently and I would definitely make a return visit. I really like the space with the exposed wooden beams and candles; I'd say its the most 'cozy' restaurant in the immediate area. I do think the menu is way too big for such a small place, but on the other hand, everything we had was good to excellent.

          We started with a special, grilled calamari with chickpeas...this was the best dish of the night. Tender grilled calamari w/ tender and flavorfull chickpeas, in a nice well-seasoned broth...perfect! For entrees we had a pan-fried branzino in a pernod cream and the roasted game hen. The branzino was well executed, perfectly fried with a crispy only complaint was that the sauce was strangely sweet...not offensive, but just not exactly my taste. Despite that, we finished it entirely. The cornish game hen was good, but actually was the size of a small chicken, as it took up the entire plate and was probably about 2 lbs! It was also good, not overcooked, well-seasoned, with a crispy skin, though the roasted potatoes were a bit heavy (lots of butter).

          For dessert we had the wild berry napoleon, which though also quite good, was not what I was really expecting. It was more of a wild berry puree, with whipped cream sandwiched between crunchy puff-pastry'ish triangles (not a classic Napoleon at all). We also finished that in its entirety.

          The prices were on the higher end for this area, but the portions were quite *enormous*, the biggest I've seen in any comparable restaurant. We could've ordered one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert between the two of us and been completely full. Overall, it was a good experience, but I think they should definitely cut their portion sizes (!) and menu length. Service was pleasant and efficient, and we will definitely go back.

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          1. re: streamwise

            Thats good to hear b/c the last time we were there it was very iffy -- yeah, the prices are a little steep sometimes, but if its worth it, then its worth it!

            The bartender with the curly mustache is also very friendly and that the owner?

            1. re: RawTunaFan

              its the owner, Kal's brother. yes, he's a muffin

              1. re: blackeyedsuzy73

                He's really rather clever--DON'T TAKE HIS SUGGESTIONS!! He suggested "best grandma's meatballs" as appetizer special: $20. Worst meatballs ever made...not even sure if they were cooked. Also suggested crabcake as appetizer special: $20...elmer's glue, i think, held it together, and no lump crabmeat either. GROSS. Won't be back EVER (and we are no stranger to ethnic food either).