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Sep 10, 2007 12:54 PM

Is butter freezable without much consequence to flavor/texture? What about mozzarella?

The big packs at Costco are a lot more cost-effective than the small packs at the grocery store!

I also bought a 2 pack of fresh mozzarella logs at Costco. Can I chuck one in the freezer, or am I going to need to get creative with cheese in the next week-10 days?


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  1. Sasha 1,
    I have frozen my butter and margarine for years without any problems. I would suggest putting them in a zip-lock bag or other wrapping to avoid the absorption of flavors in the freezer.

    Sorry, can't help with the cheese. I would guess that if you are going to use it melted, or cooked into a sauce, freezing should be o.k.

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    1. re: p.j.

      PJ nailed it on the butter.

      Generally, how well something is going to freeze depends a lot on the moisture content. Butter has very little water, so freezing and thawing it doesn't affect the texture. I would guess that the opposite is true of fresh mozzerella -- although I wouldn't hesitate to freeze a firm cheese, freezing might play havoc with the texture of a milky cheese like fresh mozzerella.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Thanks! At least I can save some money on the butter. The cheese will just have to be a luxury item.

        1. re: sasha1

          I've been freezing my shredded mozarella from Costco for years. Of course freezing changes it -some-, but the shredded stuff usually goes on cheese or into lasagne, or something like that. I don't notice much textural change in such a situation.

          I also buy butter at Costco and freeze it with no problem.

    2. I read a great recipe on chow today that included a tip: freeze your butter and grate it when making biscuits instead of having to cut it into the flour. I'm totally throwing some butter in the freezer tonight so I can have biscuits soon!

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      1. re: itsrob

        Wow! what a great idea. I am usually trying to remember to take the butter out of the freezer to soften---and often forgetting, so then I try to gently defrost it in the microwave. I bet I could do the grating with the food processor, right into the flour for the piecrust.
        A revelation....Thanks, p.j.

      2. Butter freezes perfectly well. I always buy some while it's on sale and freeze it in a ziploc.

        Mozzarella you can also freeze, but NOT the fresh kind sold in water. The costco logs will freeze fine, but I would suggest shredding it first and freezing it in 1 cup ziplocs or vacuum bags. You'll never cut it frozen.

        1. This is going to surprise some of you, but I used to get a buffalo mozzerella from Italy- and it was frozen in IT for transport to the US. Slow thaw in the 'fridge and it was amazing. Fresh taste, and texture still good.

          But I've tried to freeze those Mozz logs from Costco, and it doesn't work particularly well, unless it's for lasagna or something cooked.

          1. I freeze pizza grade shredded mozzarella all the time. It's best if it is brought back to room temp before you open the package. By doing that, it will give it a chance to reabsorb any lost moisture.

            I would never freeze artisan cheeses, but the shredded stuff in shrink wrap freezes fine.

            Butter freezes perfectly, as long as the package isn't opened. My grandparents owned a dairy and they kept tons of butter at -20 degrees for months at a time.