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Sep 10, 2007 12:52 PM

Vancouver weekend report

Went to Vancouver for the weekend - it was about eating, drinking and shopping!

Friday night - Hapa Izakaya, still one of my favorites! The only problem was the removal of my favorite menu item, Hapa Tofu, a delightfully light dish of tofu, chicken,green onion, cherry tomatoes in a dressing, mixed up all together - I was thinking about it on the plane and everything! Very sad - oh well, everything else was delicious as always!!

Saturday - Breakfast -crepes at my favorite neighbourhood spot(former neighbourhood). I can't remember the name but it's on Jervis between robson and alberni across from the palisades hotel.
Afternoon snack - fries w/curry sauce and beer at the irish heather. for some reason, the beer just tastes better there.
Dinner - Parkside - again another great experience! They had an Italian inspired menu this past weekend, everyone's meal was fantastic and we had the last bottle of a beautiful Italian wine - I meant to write it down but forgot...I hate when I do that!
Post Dinner drinks - Salt, great spot! A little sketchy to get to, but worth it. Cool space (to cool for vancouver, we all felt like we were in another city), interesting beers and of course beautiful cheeses and meats - the guiness mustard was out of this world.

Sunday - Breakfast - my favorite spot - Fiddlehead Joe's - on the patio in the sun with halibut and crab cake benny - delicious!
Lunch/Dinner - Cardero's - love their patio! Salmon burger, that's my usual order there, with a bottle of Blue Mountain Pinot Gris, the sun and the boats and the mountains - sunday afternoons don't get much better than that!

a very good weekend!

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  1. its called crepe de bretagne if memory serves me

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    1. Ooooh, I'm hungry!

      And you hit all my favourite haunts. Good work! Just spent a night at the Irish Heather the other day and couldn't get enough of that curry sauce!

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      1. re: Florentine

        there are so many new places - i wish i had more than the weekend - oh well, i'll just have to plan another weekend :)

        1. re: pants

          Great Report! As a matter of interest, does Irish Heather pour a good pint of Guinness?

          1. re: Hart50

            yes they do! seriously, all the beer just tastes better there, just one of those mysterious wonders that puts a smile on your face :)

      2. hi pants, would you mind giving me a clearer idea of where fiddlehead joe's is? I went tot he websitre, but I need actual landmarks if I have a hope of finding it. I lived in vancouver for years, and I continue to be treated as a tourist as I wander around hopelessly lost. And is it just good for breakfast? or for all things? Brunch is my favorite meal of any day.

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        1. re: alex8alot

          DO you know where Marmalade is?
          It's right on the water ACROSS from Granville Island.
          Go to the bottom (south) of Howe St. It's right along the water.

          Does that help any?
          And it's AWESOME for brunch, and good the rest of the time too :)

          1. re: starlady

            oh thanks for the directions frmo you both... so just out of curiosity, is it where that thai place used to be?

            1. re: alex8alot

              the thai place is still there- it's just before it.

              1. re: pants

                Yeah, you have the Thai restaurant (Chili Club) and right next to it around the bend is a place called Marmalade, and then Fiddlehead Joe's is right next to Marmalade. This is the part of the seawall that sticks out into False Creek. Once you walk by Fiddlehead Joe's, you walk up the stairs (or up the ramp) to the base of the Burrard Street Bridge. You are literally under the bridge, and that's where the seawall continues towards the beach. The Aquatic Centre is right there. It's that part of Vancouver.

                1. re: Florentine

                  wow, ok, I think I may actually be able to find it. To think that I lived a few blocks away from there for years. very excited.

          2. re: alex8alot

            on the seawall just east of the burrard bridge - as walk under the bridge along the seawall heading to yaletown just before the aquabus stop.

            they do have great dinner too.