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Sep 10, 2007 12:20 PM

Smoked Sea Salt in LA?

Mrs. O had a dish to die for on an otherwise boring recent trip to Houston, a chopped-lettuce salad with Green Goddess dressing mounded atop a layer of sliced tomatoes that had been sprinkled with black smoked sea salt. She'd love to re-create it, but the only smoked salt we've found so far has been some pale grey stuff at Whole Foods. If there were ever a parking place near the Pasadena Sur le Table I'd look in there, but no luck so far. Any other suggestions? This crowd is doing so well on the smoked-paprika question I thought I'd give y'all a crack at this...

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    1. I was pointed by fellow 'hounds in a similar request to Marina Farms on Centinela. When I went there I didn't see any on the shelf and the clerk I asked didn't think they carried the product. After continued failure to find it anywhere else and figuring another Chowhound wouldn't lie to me, I went back weeks later and once again a different clerk also disclaimed any knowledge. But upon request he checked the spices behind the counter and found it. It was imported from France and cost around $4 or $5. Subsequently while in Tampa, FL I found some at a Winn Dixie store and brought several bottles back at about $3 each.

      1. Here is a really cool online source I have bought salt from.

        1. The Whole Foods product is a grey alder wood smoked salt which on salmon or albacore is really good. The Sur le Table product is Spanish and sweeter. Its outstanding on roasted banana fingerling potatoes.

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            not in la, but a website that might just be what you're looking for along with other seasoning goodies.


          2. Williams Sonoma and Dean and Deluca both carry this as well.

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              the alderwood is nice...but go online and order the Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt from Salt traders...oh man! It is like a thousand beach bonfires packed into one little bottle...and the intensity of the smokey goodness is off the charts...on tomatoes, steak, a little here and little you can see I love it!