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Sep 10, 2007 12:04 PM

Best french bread in Los Angeles?

I know were this USED to be; we used to sell it at the Big Loaf Bakery on Jefferson (we being me on school vacations, and my aunt and uncle year round). But that's all in the past.

Where can you find decent french bread today? It needs to be light and airy on the inside and with a thin but respectable crust on the outside. Where should I be buying this nowadays?

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  1. Maison Richard
    Delice Bakery
    La Brea Bakery

    1. La Brea Bread
      Le Pain Quotiden
      Panera is OK

      1. I've been on this quest myself for some time. La Brea bakery is clearly not it. The interior is way too tough and dense. I recently had a decent "Rustice Baguette" from Gelson's. It was their house brand.

        Also, La Maison du Pain does a pretty good job. They also have very good ficelles. 5373 Pico Blvd.

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          1. re: Bob Brooks

            How is the flavor of the Masion du Pain Bread. I have had French Bread in Los Angeles that was almost tasteless( Bristol Farms ) The best French Bread I had had this last year was at Bahn Mi Cho Chu.. go figure. I saw them bring in about 30 loafs in a big brown bag as I was leaving. Would love to know where that bakery is.

            1. re: Foodandwine

              I shopped all around LA for a VERY long time.
              MdP is the one and only that smells, tastes and has the texture of the real thing. Or even more: friends that live in Paris and come over to visit prefer it to whatever they buy in Paris. Not just the bread: the croissants, the pain au chocolat, their brioche, you name it.

              1. re: RicRios

                RicRios: Just got back from Masion du Pain. 1 Plain Baguette ( many varietys to choose from) 1 Almond Crossiant and 1 Choclate Lava Cupcake Total $7.45.. Carwash to clean all the crumbs that are all over my car ( could not wait to get home ) $9.95 Total experience P R I C E L E S S . Actually a very good Patisserie. Thanks for the tip Hounds!!

                1. re: Foodandwine

                  next time add a chocolate croissant to your bag of goodies; the total combination may be enough to make you pass out.

                  1. re: westsidegal

                    To which you should also add the pistachio financiers and the fruit tarts. For all the 'Hounds who are portion-conscious, they also do mini-tarts and mini-pastries.
                    You can buy them by the unit and savor with a cup of espresso when you are back home. If you haven't tried yet, the tartes au sucre are great too, and we should petition Carmen and Josephine to bring back the viennoise. Yes, I've put on 20 pounds since they opened...

          2. Babette's Bakery in Long Beach. Great baguettes, hidden in a strip mall on a shady stretch of Atlantic Blvd. I went to Poly High, just up the street, and walking to Babette's for a small baguette and some butter was the perfect after-school snack.

            Babette's Bakery
            1404 Atlantic Ave
            Long Beach, CA 90813

            1. I keep parroting this -- but seriously, I have driven from Anaheim for it -- the baguette at Eilat Bakery in Valley Village makes me weep, it's so good. I haven't tried the other Eilat Bakeries, don't know if they're related. The one in VV is on Burbank Blvd., just west of Whitsett, on the north side of the boulevard. Standard kosher-bakery hours (extended Thursday night, closes early Friday, opens at 9 PM on Saturday, open Sunday).