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Sep 10, 2007 11:05 AM

Sociale [ San Francisco ]

Can't find any postings, yea nor nay, or Sociale. Any Hounds checked it out and willing to offer an opinion?

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    1. I recall it being profiled on "Check Please! bay area" You may want to look up the site archive.

      I was intrigued by the roasted marrow bone offering.

      1. My husband and I paid a visit for our anniversary earlier this year and were quite impressed. The setting is very intimate (we liked sitting in the heated outdoor area outside) and charming, the food was solidly good with a slightly more interesting menu than your usual boring Italian fare. And the service was good too.

        I'd recommend it if you're looking for something charming and intimate. Nice date restaurant.

        1. I went recently for a friend's birthday luncheon. My friends and I tasted each other's dishes and everything was quite good. Three courses were served (with three choices for each course) and we were stuffed at the end. It was a nice day and we sat on the patio, which was very pleasant.

          1. I've been there twice -- once for lunch and once for dinner. Service was warm and the patio is lovely. For lunch, we got the duck meatballs (fantastic -- meaty but not too dense and heavy), and I had the bucatini alla matriciana, which was good but not great.

            I went for dinner last night, and the watermelon & burrata appetizer was amazing. Every bite tasted like summer on a plate (sweet, juicy watermelon, creamy burrata, a little bit of basil, and high-quality olive oil). My entree was the spinach fettucini with summer corn and heirloom tomatoes, which was good but not incredible. The donuts & espresso milkshake is excellent -- the donuts are hot and not greasy at all. The lemon pound cake is too dense for my taste.

            I like this place and will definitely be back to try the roasted marrow.