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popular/young crowd restaurant

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What are some restaurants that attract young twenty somethings? Trendy/edgy?

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    1. The Stanton Social, Thor, Vento, Pastis, Buddakan, Morimoto, Highline, Peep, Kittichai, Lure Fishbar, Da Silvano, Bar Pitti, Agave, Dos Caminos Soho, Rosa Mexicano (Union Sq)

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        Vento, Lure Fishbar, Agave, Morimoto attract a crowd on the decidedly older end of the 20-something spectrum with a lot of spillover into the 30s and up.

      2. Dos Caminos, Rosa Mexicanos, Southern Hospitality, Koi, Butter, STK.

        1. why is everyone so in love with stanton social?!??

          I think the scene you're looking for might be on the west side in the Meatpacking District - Pastis, Buddakan, Highline, etc.