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Sep 10, 2007 11:01 AM

Yet again...BYO Restaurants in Montreal

I will be spending a few days in downtown Montreal with some friends in a few days. As I have never been to the city I have been reading up on places to eat, drink et cetera. I work in the wine business and of course I love good BYO restaurants. I've seen quite a few posts about this topic, but I have yet to see too many solid or clear recommendations for good BYO reastaurants (preferably European of sorts or modern fusion). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Bleu Raisin may be what you're looking for. ( I highly reccomend it anyways):

    Also, I think carswell makes some pretty good reccomendations here:

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      Thanks for the suggestion. Le Bleu Raisin looks perfect.

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        I recently ate at Bleu Raisin with a group of people, and the food was very good. The only disappointment I had was the mushroom appetizer (i didn;t think the cheese they used on it matched the dish) but the rest of the food was excellent (and we shared bites of everything, so we got a good sampling). It's a cozy restaurant, the chef is very friendly, and the overall experience was excellent. Have fun!

    2. The best one for me is now Le zeste de folie on Masson street.
      If you go on the website, it is not up to date I think because the menu in the window was not the same as the one on the website but it was similar. You could expect those kinds of plates. It is for me the best one. I go back because it is near my house and the food is excellent!!

      1. Had a fine meal on Saturday at Le P'tit Plateau. Both starters -- toast squares topped with caramelized onions and torchon-style foie gras wrapped in homemade duck prosciutto and a cheeseless gratin of mussels and shrimp -- were excellent. Duck breast with roasted peaches and the duck confit were as good as it gets. A shared dessert plate comprising a phyllo tepee filled with morello cherries, a candied prune with nuts and a scoop of homemade armagnac ice cream was memorable. The restaurant got a paint job over the summer (an attractive pale mottled green), the tavern-style chairs have been replaced with colourfully painted wooden chairs with cushioned seats and they've upgraded their stemware.