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Sep 10, 2007 10:58 AM


My husband, preschooler and I will be visiting Seattle in late September. I would appreciate comments, feedback, grievances, etc about several restaurants we are contemplating.

Cafe Presse vs Le Pichet
Pink door
Etta's or somewhere else for seafood in the downtown/Capital hill area
Cafe Vita


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  1. I had dinner at Lark on Saturday and, as always, it was fantastic. The menu is made up of all small plates, designed for sharing, served family style. There were 5 of us and we ordered 12 dishes plus two desserts. 10 dishes and one dessert would have been perfect. However - I wouldn't take a preschooler there.

    I haven't been to Cafe Presse so I can't compare/contrast with Le Pichet.

    Pink Door is always fun - try and get a seat on the patio. It's usually still nice in Seattle in late September.

    I haven't been to Etta's recently and don't eat at seafood specific restaurants so I can't comment on this selection.

    Ditto with Cafe Vita.

    Besalu - wonderful pastries.

    You may want to edit your post to put Seattle in the title. You might get more responses that way.

    1. Haven 't been to Presse but instead of Pichet you might consider either Cremant or (for a slightly different take on bistro food, including great crispy skin pork belly, crispy skin duck confit, foie, pate, cheese and more Northwest items like sablefish) Chez Shea (PS I would pass on the ahi tartare which is a bit vinegary, i would prefer a more poke-like tartare with sesame oil, and on the corn soup) With the preschooler you might want to sit in the "lounge" section which has the same menu as the dining room but is slightly more informal.

      1. I took my 6 year old to Le Pichet recently. I had a fabulous meal. She had a green salad and fries (no kids menu) but the best surprise was that the tables were chalkboards an she could draw while we ate.