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Sep 10, 2007 10:58 AM

Game Night Potluck

Ok so a friend of mine is having a game night. She is a big foodie and normally cooks a lot, but decided her contribution to the party was the location, games and drinks. I am trying to decide what to bring. I am sure there will be some normal desserts brownies, etc. And someone is bringing homemade chilli and chips.

I am trying to decide what to make I have lots of ideas, but none are just calling to me. I kind of feel the need to bring something that could help be slightly substantial since I know there will probably be lots of snacky stuff, but it can't be too challenging because it has to be made from the time I get home from work (can probably slip out early and get home by 5:30) till start of the event which is 7:00. Last event she had I made mini-bbq sandwiches that went over really well.

Here are my thoughts:
Pesto, cheese tortellini, veggie salad and perhaps a peach family pie I can make ahead.

Mini- burgers: I have some frozen lamb burger in the freezer thought of making lamb burgers with a little hummus, or just regular ones.

I have a pork tenderloin so I could do pork sandwiches or something with that. I thought a maple marinated pork or something.

Go to TJ's get some pot stickers.

What do you think? None of these are screaming yes, and I could make two things and that would be fine.

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  1. Were you sandwiches pork last time? If not, the first thing that came to my mind was pulled pork sandwiches. The pork you could do in the crockpot and it would cook while you're at work. Serve on nice rolls with cole slaw. I like to put the slaw IN the sandwich.