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Sep 10, 2007 10:48 AM

Good Mexican food in Schaumburg/arlington/mt. prospect area

Just moved to this area from downtown chicago and I need a good mexican place. I'm big on carne asada, chicken floutas, and of course the margaritas! Anyone have any suggestions as to where to go. I've tried La Magdalena's on Golf, but need a few more options.

Thanks guys

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  1. Ok, PMG, I have two polar opposite recs for you.

    1. If you really like carne asada for carne asada's sake, then be prepared to be a regular at this place:
    Las Asadas
    356 Lee St
    Des Plaines, IL 60016
    (847) 298-3393
    Las Asadas is a family member spinof of La Pasadita. IMO, Asadas is better. It is a taqueria - make no mistake about that. No margaritas, or table service, but the Char grilled skirt steak (carne asada) is FAR superior than most sit down restaurants in town. Oh look,
    recent posts:

    Rec # 2 not yer typical burrito / flauta / enchilada w/ rice and beans Mex spot, but gets LOTS of praise for being very good with seafood mexican style:
    Flamingo's Seafood
    1590 S. Busse Road
    Mt. Prospect, IL
    (847) 364-9988
    Other than that, for mid of the road mex fare, I have nothing good for you as I only work in the area. I'm sure there will be other recs to follow.