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Sep 10, 2007 10:37 AM

North San Antonio. . .

Schertz, Universal city area. I am working down here at 1604 and Kitty Hawk for a week. I need help with lunch spots out here in chain restaurant hell.



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  1. I've eaten a few good meals at the Mama's Cafe up there ... I know its a chain, but the food is tasty and priced right. I had excellent trout there on my last visit.

    1. You have to go to Bangkok Cusine on Pat Booker and 1604. The best thai food in town and just yummy. They have great lunch specials with free soup, Tuesday and friday are the best soup days. They have a clam chowder on tuesday and a potato soup on friday, they sound weird to have at a thai place but they are awesome, they both really taste like great, smooth potato soup. I love the soup here it is some of the best in town, their wonton soup is really good too. My favorite dish is phat woo sen, it's not a lunch special but it's enough food for two meals. They make most things mild unless specified but when you ask for spice they know how to make it hot, just tell them. Yum yum yum.

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        We ate there today for lunch based on your recommendation. Everyone was happy; good food, thanks!

      2. I frequently visit Randolph AFB for work. A few suggestions: Chester's Hamburgers right on Pat Booker just outside the gate (toward the base from KittyHawk), If you want really good chicken fried steak and homemade mashed potatoes, as well as excellent onion rings. go down Pat Booker toward 35 from KittyHawk, and eat at the LongHorn Cafe. It's got a cow out front and is a dive, but the food is excellent. Cheers, and report back if you find anything great - I'm in NE SA this week, too!

        1. I get to live in this chain hell !!! Decent lunch is really hard around here unless you head out to Gruene or something.

          I do agree about Bangcock and Longhorn. Only thing that bothered me about Bangcock is that they do not have Fresh Spring Rolls (wife loves them). Thai Spice in the Forum is pretty good as well. Mama's has some homestyle comfort food. The Greek place in the Forum is serviceable.

          Little Dante's on Pat Booker has some really big Italian style sandwiches.

          Although not the most authentic place in a town full of great Tex-Mex, Camino Ranch on I35 has good food and margaritas.

          **BEST HIDDEN BREAKFAST TACO JOINT** - My 5 star pick of the week - Taqueria Acapulco on Pat Booker right across the street from CVS and next door to the Suzuki bike shop.

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            There is la Fiesta Patio Cafe and Culebra's on PatBooker.They have good barbacoa.there is also ElToro,next to McDonald's.Don't bother with Felix's at all.
            Out in Cibolo is Harmon's BBQ and Catellano's which has pizza and other things.Both are on Main Street in Cibolo.
            Go down Pat Booker till you come to the railroad tracks.Then turn left onto FM78.Cross the Cibolo Creek and your in Schertz.Stay on FM78 and go two or three miles to Cibolo.Turn left on Loop 536 I think it's called.Continue on this past Cibolo Alternative School and when you come to the St.Paul Church of Christ turn left.
            Both harmon's and Catellano's are on the right.There is also La Pasadita in Schertz on the I-35 acess road near the new Lowe's they are building.
            If you keep going straight get over into the left hand lane.Turn left and cross I-35
            and turn left again.If you go down aways on your right is Pazzo's Italian food,and Aw Dang's Chinese.Both are in the same plaza as Long Shots Sports Bar.
            There is also Abel's Diner.But to reach it,you must stay on the I_35 access road and go past the Bill Miller's etc.Stay on the access until you come to Weiderstein Road.Turn left and cross the highway.Then make another left and go up past Garden Ridge Pottery and Walmart.Is on your right hand side.Been there a long time.however they really don't have a lot of parking.
            Haven't tried Panchito's yet.There is also Garcia's on 3009.You get there by going like the directions for Harmon's,except on 78 you make a left at 3009,and go up a ways it's near GreenValley Road and across the way is the Walgreen's.

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              I'd second on the Harmon's Q. It's not a smoke-filled Q joint, but the two times I've had the brisket, I was happy; not my pop's all-day-long-smoked-in-a-30-y/o-pit happy, but happy, nonetheless. The ribs were smoky, but I prefer a tad more ease of pull. Beans and potato salad were nothing to write home about, but then again, I didn't see my mom in the back frying up pounds of pork belly for the pintos, nor did I see her peeling pounds of spuds either. And follow Holly's advice, "go past the Bill Miller's."

          2. Hello El General,

            While driving on I-35 South today, just before the exit to 1604 and near Retama Park, I saw a billboard that advertised:

            Selma Panchito's, Now Open to the Public, 7 days a week

            I'm guessing that they meant the one in Schertz, linked to below. I've never eaten at that location, but I've found Panchito's to be very solid overall, with good guacamole, corn tortillas, and Tejano-Tex-Mex standards (avoid the crispy tacos; the gorditas are really S.A.-style puffy tacos). Even the flour tortillas are going to taste amazing, compared to what's available in Austin. You can search the Texas board for past reviews of their chow.


            Panchitos Mexican Rstrnt
            1 Retama Pkwy, Selma, TX 78154

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              Thanks to all hounds for their replies.

              I have had to catch lunch in between errands around the city, and since I never really know where I am, I have not been able to try many of your recomendations. I have had an excellent experience though at every taco stand and hole-in-the-wall joint that I have been to.

              It seems the puffy, handmade flour tortilla is a staple of San Antonio chow. I only wonder why they don't make it a mere 70 miles north so I could have them more often. I have not had a bad one, though some are more delicious than others. Every tortilla I have had ranks above what I can find in Austin.