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Sep 10, 2007 10:27 AM

Toronto business dinner

Is Jump Cafe appropriate for a professional business dinner? Is it very noisy (would prefer a place where we can hear each other). If not, where else might be appropriate -- we are staying in the Harbourfront area. We don't need a private room, as there will only be 6 or 7 of us. Thanks.

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  1. Jump is appropriate. It can be a bit noisy in the main area. You could always ask to be seated in the more private bar area. It is busiest on a Thursday right after work.
    I prefer Bymark or Reds over Jump for a business dinner.
    Another good option is Biff's, on Front, just East of Yonge.

    1. I always have found Jump to be noisy. Canoe might be a better option. Ki has secluded areas that are semi private which may be another option.

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        If it is a busy night (ie Thursday), Ki is even noisier than Jump. Plus, I don't think the food is worth the price you pay for it at Ki. I didn't mention Canoe because it is a bit more expensive than the other places mentioned (much more expensive than Jump). Of course, if it's in the budget, Canoe is always a good option for a business meal.

      2. I agree that Jump can be very loud. Jump/Red/Bymark are all good. Other ideas not mentioned here might be:

        Far Niente
        Soul of the Vine
        Tom Jones

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          Soul of the Vine is an open room and can be noisy. Food is also ho-hum. Haven't been to Far Niente in awhile, but it was also mediocre when I was there.
          Went with friends to Vertical about a month or two after it opened and the food was terrible, dry, oversauced, and bland. Perhaps it's improved since then.
          I've never been to Tom Jones, but I've also never heard any one recommend it. Has anyone been lately who can comment on whether it has good food?

          1. re: pescatarian

            Thank you all -- I will take a look at these! Sadly, Canoe is not within the budget. If anyone else has any other comments, please don't hesitate!

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              What kind of buiz are you in Karen, Of the Peter Olivers restos I think Biffs is great.

        2. Karen, I used Oro on Elm for a biz dinner a few months ago; they actually have a smaller room at the back of the main floor that is glassed in, so you can see the others but not hear them as clearly. Also check out Rosewater.

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          1. re: The Goddess

            This orginal post was back in September '07 - surely the business lunch has already taken place.