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Sep 10, 2007 10:24 AM

Need help in Cape May & environs

This week I will find myself in unchartered territory x 2. 1-in an RV, and 2 in Cape May on our shake down cruise. I know as much about both those subjects as I do about nuclear physics. I did troll the Cape May pages, but so many other places are mentioned I could spend the day with a map and still have not a clue. So while I did pick up a few pointers-Washington Inn, Daniels, Louisa's, a great place for fried chicken I forgot to write the name of. I'm hoping all you wonderful NJ hounders will take pity on me and give me places within 10 or 15 miles of Cape May that would not incur horror on the drive there in an RV.
I'll probably be catching the ferry from Lewes, and I am somewhat familiar with that, but any recs there would also be appreciated.
Will probably be leaving Wed. just waiting for coastal storms to pass.
Oh, I get the impression that many places have no liquor liscense in that area so is BYO sort of standard? Also any 411 on farmers markets?
Thanks everso. Michel

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  1. Well re the fried chicken, the Chalfonte is supposed to have the best in CM, but depending on the size of your rv, i doubt you'd get down the block. CM is very TIGHT in the immediate part of town. im jealous, that sounds like an awesome trip! my sister lives down there, im going to ask her for joints w/ pull through spots...

    1. Well, on the way to the Ferry, if you make a right by McDonalds and go down a block or so, there's Uncle Bill's Pancake House in NCM. Also, on Bayshore going towards the Ferry, there's an ACME and supposedly they have great Fried Chicken! Also, at the END of the Lobster House parking lot, closest area to the water, there is ample parking for an rv.

      1. Daniel's no longer exists. And it's replacement, Moonfish Grill, has not had the best reviews. In West Cape May a very good choice is the Black Duck, which is on Sunset Blvd just west of Broadway; you will never get the RV into the parking lot but probably can park on the street nearby. If you go to the Lobster House, DO NOT eat inside, but rather outside on the deck. Better yet, pick up seafood and other meal fixings from their excellent fish market to prepare at home if you're in the mood to cook --clams, scallops, and lobster are all top-notch, fresh and local. Most restaurants are BYO in Cape May, like the Union Park, which I recomment. The Washington Inn and Ebbitt Room are not, but parking an RV near any of those may be impossible. This time of year, you will still need reservations on a Friday or Saturday for the better ones. Marie Nicoles in Wildwood Crest (just over the bridge from CM) is also excellent, and you can probably park your RV on the street there too (Not BYO). The Pier House on Beach Drive in CM is very good and you can parking near there on the street. (not BYO). Buy your booze/wine in Delaware before you come over on the Ferry. Teller Wines in Lewes is worth checking out. They have a knowledgable staff, an excellent wine selection, a great mixed case special of wines they recommend for about $125 that is a very good deal. They also carry this amazing blood orange vodka that I highly recommend if you're looking for a great cocktail. There are two. Go to the one off route 1 in a strip mall by the Nassau Valley Vineyards. Plenty of parking there for an RV.

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          Many thanks to those who responded. Our AARRGH V-it's about to be christened name-is only about 24 feet, so heres hoping we won't have to actually back down a street or beat a hasty retreat.The blood orange vodka Ellen mentioned is distilled by Dogfish, and they have many flavors including chocolate. Try a martuni with that one!!Last year I bought almost 400 bucks worth of flavored vodka, thinking it would last at least 6 months-NOT!!
          Several othr posts mentioned the ACME, which astounds me as in my area that is several rungs below Food Lion. Will stop there for groceries for sure. Is there a Wegmans near CM-grocery Nirvana.
          So it's raining and crappy today, but given the date I think perhaps heaven weeps.Tomorrow we set sail on the asphalt sea. Avast ye maties and haul in the mizzen mast-whatever the heck that is. Michel

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            Actually, I was talking about Charbay Blood Orange Vodka. Absolutely blows Dogfish out of the water. And I've seen ACME's chicken but never bought it, the ACME in North Cape May which you'll pass when you exit the Ferry, not the one in CM proper. It's not a bad ACME, just not a Wegman's or Super Giant. They do carry Talutto's stuffed shells, ravioli, meatballs, and sauce if you want a very good South Philly Italian fix. Next to the ACME there is Gorman's Liquors, which is your best bet on this side of the bay for wine and spirits unless you want to go to Joe Canal's up in Rio Grande on Rt. 47. Duckies is fine since it's all we've got now that the real farmers market closed the last week of August. And don't miss the Key Lime Pie from Victory Baking Service, which Duckies sells. You'll probably pass more extensive and less expensive farmers markets on the way to the Ferry in Delaware. The water is great right now. Have fun.

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              Don't neglect the liquor section inside the NCM Acme; we've found a surprisingly decent wine selection there. As Ellen noted, Gorman's is next door, so it's easy enough to check them both.

              1. re: Striver

                The beer is a little cheaper at ACME, but Gorman's has a much better range of wines and liquors, which can be a good value when on sale. 12 packs of Stella or Pilsner Urquell for $12 vs 14 at Gorman's.

        2. Am in CM right now.
          Farmer's Market: Duckies on N. Broadway in West Cape May. Just picked up fresh corn and Jersey tomatoes, which are outstanding! Grab a bunch of fresh basil there too.
          Union Park: on the pricey side, but a nice traditional CM finer dining room and good menu choices. Big thumbs up to the asparagus soup with crab, the chilean sea bass, and the creme brulee. Seeminly coming from another kitchen (ie: not good) were my DH's choices: the duck (sides did not compliment the dish and was plated sloppily- a total 180 from my dish) and the shrimp app. Cold shrimp with tamarind and pineapple. Just ok. Dessert was excellent.
          Gecko's - on the mall. Find. It. We are most likely going there a second time tonite! for the mussels vera cruz and quesadilla. The fajitas and chile relleno camarones was excellent. Very authentic and home made.
          Blue moon pizza on Beach - better than Louie's in our opion, but both are indeed great by the slice. We just prefer how Blue Moon makes theirs.
          Jackson Mountain Cafe - ok for lunch. That's about it.
          The Acme is just fine for staples.
          Or, we might try George's on Beach. Greek meze, seafood, really good price point.
          Lobster House - Definitely just do the raw bar and/or get an app and drink on the Schooner American.
          Good luck with your trip. Do report back!

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            Was in CM over the weekend, Do you know if the owners of the Blue Moon have opened up somewhere else? There are new owners and it is not the same. And I long for Blue Moon.

            1. re: angelsmom

              I don't know, angelsmom, but I'm pretty bummed to hear your report. I'll be heading to CM later in the season, and will report back to you.