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Sep 10, 2007 10:19 AM

Radda in Boulder?

Having a friend visit and want to go somewhere with great food and wine. Heard this was a great place but read mixed reviews on daily camera website. Any updates? Other recs welcomed as well. Thanks so much!

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  1. I have only been once for dinner (shortly after their opening) and once for breakfast (last week). The biggest thing in their favor: the price points (very reasonable). I really like the very social, centralized, square-shaped bar. I'd like to go back for dinner and sample more of their menu, as there's only so much you can glean from one app and one main. Breakfast was a simple ala carte menu for about $1-2 per selection: croissant, eggs, bacon (which they were out of), sausage (I believe this was made in-house), rosemary potatoes.

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      I'm a fan of some of Radda's food, especially the sides -- and the place is a great value. The word I hear on the street is always that the food can be surprisingly plain. A friend recently said it was as if they'd forgotten to drain the pasta completely and everything tasted watery. But the foods I love best don't seem at all plain, just full of their own flavors: the bruschetta, a simple meal in itself of a sturdy slice of oiled and grilled bread, chard, roasted garlic and tomato, and shreds of parmesan; the house-named salad of an endive-hazelnut-vinaigrette combination I can't get enough of. Their roasted cauliflower is nice, too. I like some of their rustic pastas but don't like the weird burrito-like meat-wrapped-in-a-noodle with no sauce. I had a fantastic lemony pasta and scallop dish there once but nothing has seemed as luxurious since. Breakfast was a letdown -- the gluey croissant on the second try didn't make me want to come back. Service has been spotty; I wasn't offered a comp when I should have been and I had to return a side of greens when I realized I had about a pound of chard on my plate because the server hadn't thought to warn me that the bruschetta is heaped with the same chard that was offered as a side when I'd ordered both. I like the indoor space when it's quiet but as soon as it gets loud it's wicked loud, and they keep the room as cold as a meat locker so bring a wrap or sweater. So, yes, I have mixed feelings about this place, too, but some of the food keeps bringing me back, and most of the service issues seem to have been sorted out for now. It is a neighborhood trattoria (yet my daughter said "this seems like a fancy restaurant"), and I appreciate being able to drop in for reasonable little plates of really good food now and again. Plus it makes me feel like I've gone to Italy for a moment. btw, really liked their barbera by the glass. Lovely.

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        I like it but don't love it. Agree w/ many of the comments -- when it's crowded, it's noisy. Prices are moderate. Service is uneven. Food can be quite good, but none of it has been great, IMHO, the 2 1/2 times I've eaten there (once just for an app and a glass of wine)..