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Sep 10, 2007 10:17 AM

Kosher Rose Water for Elizabethian Wedding Soup?

The caterer for our wedding makes a delicious 400 year old recipe of Elizabethian Wedding Soup with a multitude of items from the rose family. We may not be able to have this at our Strict Kosher Dairy wedding because we are having trouble finding kosher rose water. Can any of you help us on this matter?


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  1. Mazal tov! I have bought kosher rose water from Kalustyan's in NYC. They have a web site and you can order online. But you would need to ascertain which of the several rose waters they sell is kosher (I am sure that a number of them are not).

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      A recent thread on the topic, with some suggestions:

      Do you have the recipe for the soup? That sounds really cool.

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        Thanks so much for that thread, I passed it on to my caterer. I'm certain that she guards that recipe. She guessed the ingredients for the soup during a contest in the oldest pub in England (or Ireland?)to win that recipe.

        What I can do is give you her name in case you ever want to hire her to make the soup for you: Cuisine by Christine, Chef Christine O'Keeffe
        She does a variety of catering , not restrictive to Kosher, but does accommodate Kosher.

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          Care to share what is actually in the Elizabethan soup?