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Sep 10, 2007 09:47 AM

Chinese Hot Pot in the Midwest?

Is there any good hot pot places in the midwest. We are in mid-michigan, but willing to travel a ways for some. I am talking about the good fondue type places where you get the raw ingredients and cook it at your table.


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  1. Hong Kong restaurant in East Lansing used to have hot pot. Not sure about now. The Hong Kong will never attain its old glory when it was simply a converted A&W with the BEST wonton soup and various chicken dishes I have ever had, but it is still pretty solid.

    1. Please tell me there is hot pot in the Detroit/Ann Arbor metro area. Oh how I miss Hot Pot City in Milpitas, CA!

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        The Milpitas Hot Pot City was the place for us as well. We even went there one time on Thanksgiving. I would drive hours at this point for something comparable. I haven't found a thing yet though. Maybe will have to try one of the recs in Cleaveland that Nancy mentioned.

      2. We have several places in Cleveland Chinatown that make Hot Pot. I've had it at Boo Loong (it was excellent), and they make it at Li Wah and C&Y Chinese Restaurant also, I believe. I think it is also available at Siam Cafe.

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          Yeah, we went there on and near some holidays too since the relatives were all back in MI. How I miss that place! I will have to do some research and post back. If not, I have an old roommate living in Cleveland Heights now. Maybe a visit is in order!

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            I gotta ask, since we seem to have some similar tastes. What other restaurants to you really like around here? We are struggling to find many places that we like to frequent.

        2. Saica in Ann Arbor has nabemono, the Japanese version, of which one type is sukiyaki. On a miserable Midwestern winter's night it's just the ticket.

          1. Have you ever found any hot pot in the area? I just googled and it took me back to this discussion :) Thinking about Hot Pot City right now... Just saw your request below for good restaurants too. I'm fond of going to the asian grocery stores in Madison Heights and cooking my own food lately..