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Chinese Hot Pot in the Midwest?

Is there any good hot pot places in the midwest. We are in mid-michigan, but willing to travel a ways for some. I am talking about the good fondue type places where you get the raw ingredients and cook it at your table.


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  1. Hong Kong restaurant in East Lansing used to have hot pot. Not sure about now. The Hong Kong will never attain its old glory when it was simply a converted A&W with the BEST wonton soup and various chicken dishes I have ever had, but it is still pretty solid.

    1. Please tell me there is hot pot in the Detroit/Ann Arbor metro area. Oh how I miss Hot Pot City in Milpitas, CA!

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        The Milpitas Hot Pot City was the place for us as well. We even went there one time on Thanksgiving. I would drive hours at this point for something comparable. I haven't found a thing yet though. Maybe will have to try one of the recs in Cleaveland that Nancy mentioned.

      2. We have several places in Cleveland Chinatown that make Hot Pot. I've had it at Boo Loong (it was excellent), and they make it at Li Wah and C&Y Chinese Restaurant also, I believe. I think it is also available at Siam Cafe.

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          Yeah, we went there on and near some holidays too since the relatives were all back in MI. How I miss that place! I will have to do some research and post back. If not, I have an old roommate living in Cleveland Heights now. Maybe a visit is in order!

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            I gotta ask, since we seem to have some similar tastes. What other restaurants to you really like around here? We are struggling to find many places that we like to frequent.

        2. Saica in Ann Arbor has nabemono, the Japanese version, of which one type is sukiyaki. On a miserable Midwestern winter's night it's just the ticket.

          1. Have you ever found any hot pot in the area? I just googled and it took me back to this discussion :) Thinking about Hot Pot City right now... Just saw your request below for good restaurants too. I'm fond of going to the asian grocery stores in Madison Heights and cooking my own food lately..

            1. I know Chia Shiang and Middle Kingdom in A2 offer hot pot dishes on their menu. I'm pretty sure though that it's just sevred in a "pot" and not actually the cook it up yourself type. I know Seoul Garden does offer Korean style hot pots, which you can cook at your table.

              Chia Shiang
              2016 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

              Middle Kingdom
              332 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

              Seoul Garden
              3125 Boardwalk St, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

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                Asia City in Ypsi now offers hot pot. You can chose from ( I think) 4 different broths and they even do the half and half deal I've seen in Chinatowns before. We got half regular broth and half spicy broth (loaded with hot peppers and sichuan peppercorns). You get a basic array of veggies, noodles, and your choice of meat combos, seafood, or all veggies. There's a sheet full of add ons too. We got a meat combo with lamb and pork then added egg dumplings, fried tofu, fish dumplings, pork meatballs, and extra mushrooms. All in all, a very tasty experience and something that Chinese restaurants around here had been sorely missing. A couple of durian puffs off the lingering Dim Sum carts really hit the spot too.

              2. Most Japanese restaurants (full restaurants, not just noodle shop or sushi bar places) have shabu-shabu, which is the Japanese version of Chinese hot pot.

                Two restaurants that I know for sure offer this are Godaiko in Ann Arbor and Cafe Sushi in Troy, MI.

                Cafe Sushi
                1933 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI 48084

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                  ^^^^ Korean places around here too ( I mentioned that in an early post), but Chinese hot pot was what the OP had asked about. To my knowledge, Asia City is the only place around offering that style.

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                    I've heard people mention that Fuji Buffet in Madison Heights (14 Mile & John R) has Chinese hot pots. But I think you need to order it in addition to the buffet, which would be a huge rip-off. And given the quality of typical Chinese/pan-Asian buffet food, I'd be hesitant to order anything else out of that kitchen.

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                      I think they were calling it Shabu-Shabu at Fuji if memory serves me correctly.

                2. Trizest Restaurant (川菜坊) in Sterling Heights has hot pot. I haven't had a chance to try it there yet, but based on my one visit there I am quite excited to go back.

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                    Trizest's boiled beef dish or boiled lamb dish is pretty darn close to any other delicious Chinese Sichuan hotpot. I will vouch for its deliciousness.

                    Shabu-Shabu is fundamentally different from Chinese Hotpot. Its a pure-beef based meal that is cooked in a ritualistic way with either just boiling water or a touch of kelp. The quality of the meal is directly proportional to the quality for your beef. IMHO, this is one of the few instances that springing for real A5 Omi, Matsuzuka, Mishima, beef.

                    Chinese hot pot is a fricking delicious rock-star mashup that is heavily dependent on the broth itself. A fiery fish, or beef stock laced with sichuan peppercorns. I've also had an equally good, but very different fragrant fish stock with goji berries, chinese apples, and garlic. Dipping sauce is sesame seed oil, lots of ground garlic, cilantro and onions. Anything and everything can go in it. Meats, tofus, dumplings, vegetables, noodles. Whatever you fancy.

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                      Yeah, that's what you get at Asia City, except no onions ( I think you could add some but I forget) and they have a Satay sauce in addition to the sesame sauce.

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                        Don- I haven't tried their boiled beef or lamb dish, but what I was referring to was actually the real deal hot pot. It may be a new addition to the menu over the past few weeks as it was advertised on a sheet that was thrown into the menu. Also if I remember correctly it is not offered on certain nights (it was about 2-3 weeks ago that I went there so I can't recall when, but I think it was Fri & Sat nights). I will try to make it out there soon to give it a try and report back.

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                          The last time I was in Shanghai, one of the meats available to order for the hot pot was Spam.
                          We ordered that and several other meats including pigs blood. We had about 20 dipping sauces to choose from. Everything was delicious. Lots of beer. Spam never tasted so good.. I've been to Asia City a few times, always for the dim sum. Never thought to order the hot pot. Gotta try it there.