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Sep 10, 2007 09:45 AM

Stress Baking?

The topic of are you a cook or a baker got me to thinking about this. Frequently when I am stressed about something I just have to bake. It seems to be a pattern I really hadn't noticed until recently because I cook and bake a lot anyway. My oldest dog died last week (the one on the right in the avatar) I was called to come pick up her ashes yesterday and immediately the Baking From My Home To Yours came out and I have 2 logs of World Peace cookies in the fridge ready to bake. I could not stop myself. I'll end up giving them away after having one or two. Any others out there who react in a similar way?

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  1. Yes! My husband always knows when I'm stressed out because every counter in the kitchen is covered in cooling bread. Quick breads, yeast breads, coffee cakes, etc.

    He'd rather I make pies, but for some reason, breads do it for me. :)

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      this thread reminds me of the book "eat cake" about a woman whose life is falling apart so she bakes cakes.

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        Thank you for reminding me of that book! A friend lent it to me some time ago.

    2. Yes! I never realized it until a long-time friend mentioned it the other day when I told him I be bringing a loaf of fresh bread over later. He says he noticed it years ago and everyone knows to stay out of my way when I've got the kitchen torn up!

      1. Oh, definitely... and when others around me are stressed, I feel the need to bake them stuff too. My aunt recently got divorced and my gut instinct was to make her cookies, but I felt like that was silly, like cookies were going to help her feel better?! My husband convinced me to do it anyway, and she told my grandma that they definitely made her day so I didn't feel so silly after all.

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          I am the same way! I never know what to say to someone in need so I typically just try to find out what they like and start baking!

        2. {{{{{hugs to Candy}}}}} on the loss of your dog. I completely understand the stress baking, although I do a lot less baking now - cooking something that involves a lot of repetitive tasks will do it for me. (Lots of chopping, stirring, etc.)

          1. You bet. I think it helps me because it feels like doing something useful and productive in the face of whatever the stress-causing event is, normally something out of my control.