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Sep 10, 2007 09:42 AM

Fruit and Vegetable Market

Can someone recommend a place in the Chicago downtown or near North area where I can get a large variety of really fresh frutis and vegetables? I've been to Treasure Island, Jewel, Dominics, and Stanley's... Thanks!

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  1. How about the Green City Market in Lincoln park on Wed and Sat? or Whole Foods, North and Sheffield (and I think there's another one closer to downtown)

    1. Cermak Produce at Kedzie and Berteau is a Huge Hispanic Market with Very good meat and produce. Very reasonable prices there.

      Andy's on Kedzie just south of Lawrence.
      Tony's Finer Foods on North and California

      Jerry's on Northwest HYWY in Niles is amazing and worth the trip.

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      1. re: amoncada

        My old standby is to go to Stanley's, get what I can there, and go to Whole Foods for anything else.

        But for really fresh fruits and vegetables, nothing will beat the Green City Market or any of the other farmers markets in town.

        And whenever I am up near Lisle, I always stop by Jerry's and H-Mart.

        1. re: wak

          Yeah, I've been wanting to go to Green City Market. I only go to Treasure Island or Whole Foods when I can't find something at one of my other stops. BTW: Have you tried the skirt steak from Whole Foods? It's pretty amazing and nicely better be for $11.99 a pound!

          You should take a drive to Jerry's on Northwest Highway.

          1. re: amoncada

            Jerry's in Niles is on Milwaukee Avenue, just south of Oakton.

            1. re: choppcs

              I thought that Milwaukee turned into NWHY there? Thanks for the correction.

          2. re: wak

            What/where is Jerry's & H-mart in Lisle? I live there & have never heard of either of them!

            1. re: wineaux

              Sorry - my mis-type. They are in Niles, not Lisle.

              But there is an H-Mart opening up in Naperville on Ogden Rd. in the old Dominicks space. It looks like its ready to open by the end of this month. Definitely worth checking out. Its an enormous Korean supermarket with huge produce and seafood dept. and great prices.

              FYI, Michaels Fresh Market on Rt. 59 in Naperville is also a good place to visit if you are in the area.

        2. Green City Market (between Clark & Stockton at 1750 North) is fantastic. Note that it's only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7am - 1:30pm through October.

          In November, it moves indoors, this year to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum at 2430 N. Cannon Drive and it's only open from 9am - 1pm.

          Here's a link to the website:

          1. Fox and Obel on Illinois

            I also like Sunshine on Clybourn. It is a little further north, but the prices can't be beat!

            1. Division Street Farmers' Market (Division between Clark & State) Saturdays from 7-1. Go early for the best selection. Also, cultivate a relationship with the ethnic produce stores. Jump on the Clark 22 bus and get off just before Bryn Mawr for Edgewater Produce, a local legend.