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Sep 10, 2007 09:18 AM

Venezuelan Food in Providence/Boston?

Has anyone been to or heard of any restaurants around here that serve Venezuelan food? My mother grew up in Venezuela and is visiting next week, and I would love to take her out for some arepas or empanadas. Providence would be best, but I have a feeling that we'd be more likely to find something in Boston. There was a listing online for a place called Orinoco in Boston, but I haven't tried it yet. Very curious, though!


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  1. This may not be terribly helpful, but you may want to try looking on Chalkstone Ave in Providence. I know that there are several restaurants within a few blocks that serve specific Latin American cuisines. I'm pretty sure that Guatemalan and Colombian food are represented, and there may also be a Venezuelan restaurant. But I don't know for sure...

    1. I would try Casa De Pedro in Watertown MA.

      Pedro is from Venezuela and in addition to the traditonal Venezuelan items, all the dishes show his influence. He also has special sauces and the like that he will bring out for you if you ask.

        1. There is a great Venezuelan restaurant on Smithfield Ave. on the Providence, North Providence, Pawtucket border called Arepa's. The arepa's are wonderful! They are only about $2.50 each. They overstuff them!

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            Is this La Arepa? Looks delicious! We may have to take a tour of all the places where we can get authentic arepas!

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                Sportster, what a great recommendation! La Arepa was wonderful. We both had an arepa stuffed with carne desmechada (kind of like pulled beef, or machaca) and avocados and cheese. We were in heaven! We also shared a plate of cachapas, which were great, but I definitely didn't need to eat anything else after that stuffed arepa. Thanks again!

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              My wife and I stopped by Arepas and picked up a half-dozen chicken arepas. Nice friendly place, great food. This is the kind of place that makes Providence a great city for food. Definitely worth a stop.

            2. I recommend Viva mi Arepas on Washington St., Dedham/West Rox line - - you can eat in but it's nothing fancy, prices are very low, quality/authenticity very good