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Sep 10, 2007 08:31 AM

Best Cheese & Yogurt from Local Farmers?

Where and what kind?

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  1. Bobolink Dairy for cheese. They show up at several local farmers markets.

    You can also go visit them in Vernon NJ.

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    1. re: spa

      Also Sprout Creek Farm from Poughkeepsie for cheese. They are at the Ossining farmers market two weeks on, two weeks off.

      1. re: spa

        I think Bobolink's quality fluctuates so much that methinks he needs to stick to a formula that works...After 5 years of dutifully trudging out to get his cheese, I've given up on the man.

        1. re: sixelagogo

          The variation in Bobolink cheese is due to the variation of the pasture the cows have been on. Different pastures have different types of grasses and herbs growing on them. The flavor of the cheese is influenced by what the cows' intake was prior to milking.

          1. re: DrSkimeister

            Yeah, I get that,the fat is up/down protien up/down depending on teh season, but bobolink cheese is downright FUNKY -not good funky either, but bad bacteria funky..I loves me some stinky cheese, but not foul

            1. re: DrSkimeister

              Though I was not the original poster, I have to agree with him. My every interaction with Bobolink has been marked by wild inconsistency. I'm a cheesemonger for a living (been so for about 2 years now) and his cheese goes miles past the seasonal and pastural varations that do occur. They all seem to have a haphazard quality to them. You don't see their cheeses at many shops and, while trying to get them into my shop, I discovered why: you basically pay a (moderately high) wholesale price and he randomly sends you stuff. You get to pick what you are supposed to get, but if it's out or they just want to send something different, they can. That's when I gave up on Bobolink. Plus, though I support his attempt to bring income to the people of Tibet with their yak cheese...even that's pretty awful stuff.

              1. re: inovercy

                I love truffle cheeses but don't find many varieties around , do you have any suggestions and what kind have you had in your shop? What type of shop is it and where?

                1. re: nbermas

                  Valley Shepard also has a truffle cheese if that's yer fancy

        2. My favorite is Valley Shepard out in Long Valley, NJ (about 40 miles west of the city on 80)...the cheeseman does goat, cow, and goat/cow mix and is heads to tails above all other cheesemakers I've tasted in New Jersey.....This guy's got it down...also has's worth a trip out to the farm, though he sells at a couple of farm markets -union square, morristown, etc.

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          1. re: sixelagogo

            I second Valley Shepherd. Excellent artisanal cheese.

            1. re: sixelagogo

              You will also find his cheeses at numerous upscale restaurants in central Jersey.

              Most of the cheeses are based on sheep milk though there are a few that also contain some cow milk. I don't recall any goat cheeses. And it's Ewe-gurt, not yewgurt.

              1. re: ambrose

                I stand corrected...sheep, no goal and EWEGURT