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Sep 10, 2007 08:26 AM

Tucson: butcher needed

Hi, looking for a 5-6 lb. bone-in pork shoulder. I'm having a hard time finding one in Tucson. Can somebody point me in the direction of a good butcher who can help me get a shoulder for tomorrow?


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  1. Sorry this might be too late but here is my rec. There is a place on the west side of town called the Sausage Shop (not the Sausage Deli). They usually have a bunch of different cuts. Can't guarantee that they will have what you are looking for but it is worth a shot. They can usually special order as well but it seems like you are on a time crunch. Here are the details for the Sausage Shop:

    1015 W Prince Rd # 141
    Tucson, AZ 85705
    (520) 888-1701

    1. In KC, Sam's has bone-in pork butts.

      1. Thanks for the Sausage Shop recommendation. For anybody else who may be looking, we ended up at American Meat Company Incorporated, down on 4th Ave. near 24th street.

        Excellent service (got me a six-pounder overnight) and the prices were amazing. The pulled pork sandwiches we made were a huge hit. I'll definitely shop there again.