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Sep 10, 2007 07:58 AM

Mighty Leaf Tea

I'm looking for the Mighty Leaf Tea brand, specifically the Organic Earl Grey and/or Organic Breakfast. I know I can order online but would like to avoid that route if possible. I know Whole Foods stocks Mighty Leaf but the couple I've been to have not carried the Earl Grey or Breakfast that I am looking for.

Any location in NYC would be great. Thanks!!!

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  1. Try the Garden of Eden on 14th Street near 5th Ave. They have a huge selection of tea there.

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    1. re: misora

      Busy Chef on Henry and Cranberry in Bklyn Heights has it.

    2. Garden of Eden in Brooklyn Heights has it by the box as well, but it's expensive. I believe GoE has locations elsewhere in the city, so you may be able to find one closer to you.

      1. Excellent Tea - YES ! We have ordered online from Carolina Coffee and Tea Company - with both quick shipping and great prices. It is nice to pick it up locally, but nothing beats delivery right to your door. Cheers

        1. In the Financial District, you can get the entire Mighty Leaf collection (and many other great teas) at Zeytuna on the corner of William and John.